Brad Pitt Does His Own Stunts for New Film ‘Ad Astra’ -- See the Pic!

Brad Pitt
Getty Images

Brad Pitt is really committing to his latest role. 

The 53-year-old actor was spotted performing his own stunts on the set of Ad Astra in Los Angeles on Thursday. 

Pitt was all suited up in astronaut attire with an “Advanced Extrasolar Relay Center” patch and helmet as he made a brave parachute landing on the side of a freeway. 


Ad Astra follows Pitt’s character, Roy McBride, an Army Corps engineer who goes on a journey across the galaxy in search of his father, a renegade scientist who went missing in space 20 years ago.

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A source told ET earlier this month that the actor has been having a great time on set of the James Gray-directed sci-fi film, though his children have yet to pay a visit. 

"When he’s not on set filming, he hangs out in his trailer,” the source said. "He’s never late and he always arrives to set ready to work."

"Physically, he looks fantastic," the source continued. "Brad is very friendly and genuine with everyone on set."

See more on Pitt in the video below.