Bradley Cooper Is Barbra Streisand's Boyfriend in First Trailer for 'Licorice Pizza'

Philip Seymour Hoffman's son, Cooper, makes his feature film debut in the flick.

Bradley Cooper has a famous girlfriend in his latest flick. In the first trailer for writer and director Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza, Cooper stars as film producer Jon Peters, who was in a real-life relationship with Barbra Streisand for years.

Cooper has a real-life connection to both Peters and Streisand, as the former produced and the latter starred in the 1976 version of A Star Is Born, a remake of which Cooper starred in and directed in 2018.

In the trailer, Cooper hilariously corrects a high school student and child actor played by Cooper Hoffman, the son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, on how to pronounce Streisand's name.

The trailer for the '70s-set, coming-of-age flick also shows Hoffman meeting and falling for the girl he's going to marry one day, who's played by Alana Haim of the band HAIM. Anderson previously directed several of HAIM's music videos.

Both Hoffman and Haim will make their feature film debuts in the movie. For the former, the film has him following in his late dad's footsteps, as Anderson and the elder Hoffman often collaborated, working on several projects including Boogie Nights and Magnolia, among others. The elder Hoffman died in 2014 at age 46.

"When I saw him for the first time in Scent of a Woman, I just knew what true love was," Anderson said of Philip Seymour Hoffman on a 2015 episode of the WTF with Marc Maron podcast. "I knew what love at first sight was. It was the strangest feeling sitting in a movie theater and thinking, 'He’s for me and I’m for him.' And that was it."

Licorice Pizza also stars Anderson's real-life wife, Maya Rudolph, as well as Sean Penn, Tom Waits and Benny Safdie. The film is coming soon, only to theaters.



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