Fall in Love With the Trailer for Gay Ramadan Rom-Com 'Breaking Fast' (Exclusive)

Haaz Sleiman and Michael Cassidy co-star in this modern love story.

Ramadan is finally getting the heartwarming gay rom-com it deserves in Breaking Fast -- and ET can exclusively debut the trailer.

The movie's leading man is Mo (Haaz Sleiman), a practicing Muslim living in L.A.'s gayborhood and struggling to move on after a breakup. Then he meets Kal (Michael Cassidy), an attractive actor who offers to spend the month breaking fast with Mo, and must navigate his newfound feelings as he honors the holy holiday of Ramadan.

"I grew up learning what love was -- how to accept it, how to push it away, who deserved it -- from watching Julia Roberts (Hello, My Best Friend’s Wedding) movies and Disney musicals," director Mike Mosallam tells ET. "I wanted to make a movie that would star Julia Roberts, if, in fact, she was a gay, Muslim, Arab man living in West Hollywood, CA."

Breaking Fast isn't a coming out story, nor does its intersection of queerness and religion end in heartbreak. It's a modern love story about Muslim characters who've reconciled their faith with their sexuality, made for people who maybe have never seen themselves represented onscreen before. Watch the trailer above.

"It affirms everyone's right to love and to have fun in the process," Mosallam says.

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Breaking Fast will be available digitally and on demand on Jan. 22.