Bret Michaels Shares Health Update After Hospitalization Last Summer (Exclusive)

Michaels was hospitalized last June in Nashville and he suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2010.

Bret Michaels has gone through his ups and downs when it comes to his health. It's the life he's known since he was six years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Between then and now he's also had a brain hemorrhage and, soon after that, a stroke. Through it all, the rock star says he wakes up every day feeling the only way he knows how -- victorious.

The Poison frontman spoke to ET's Kevin Frazier at SirusXM Radio Row at the Phoenix Convention Center ahead of Super Bowl LVII, and the rock star looked healthy and happy. After all, Super Bowl weekend combines two of his favorite loves -- partying and sports.

Michaels, 59, can't help but sing a happy tune when talking about what life's brought his way, health ailments be dammed. He chooses to focus on the great things -- like his two daughters and, of course, music. He recently kicked off his Parti-Gras Tour, and he'll perform Friday night in Phoenix for a private pre-Super Bowl concert.

In short, life's great.

"I've been a diabetic since I was 6 years old and I take five shots a day," he tells ET. "I feel good. I work hard. I'm blessed. I got great people in my life -- family, friends, good doctors that have gotten me through the brain hemorrhage and a couple crazy things. But we were just out playing at the very stadium that the Super Bowl's at and we lit up. It was unbelievable."

Back in 2010, Michaels suffered a brain hemorrhage stemming from an injury suffered during his 2009 performance at the Tony Awards. Making matters worse, the injury that led to the brain hemorrhage, which nearly killed him, was televised live and it went viral.

Last June, Michaels was hospitalized before a concert in Nashville. As for the reason behind the hospitalization, Michaels only said it was "due to an unforeseen medical complication." Nevertheless, Michaels is not letting any of his past medical complications dictate his outlook on life.

"Every day I say this -- 'Grateful, grateful to be here,'" he says. "It's one of those things when I was a kid, honest to god, I decided I'm not gonna be a victim. I'm gonna be victorious."

The only time he'll shy away from calling a victory is when it comes to Sunday's game. On that front, the die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan takes a more diplomatic approach.

"I'm playing neutral but there's a reason, let me tell ya," he says. "[Kansas City Chiefs quarterback] Patrick [Mahomes], everyone's saying Patrick's banged up [but] that guy's a warrior. [Philadelphia Eagles quarterback] Jalen Hurts is a warrior. [Chiefs tight end Travis] Kelce vs. [Eagles center Jason] Kelce. ... I think this is gonna be an amazing Super Bowl, that's my prediction."