'Bridgerton's Simone Ashley Tattooed Herself Using Instructions From an Inmate

Simone Ashley
Lia Toby/Getty Images

Simone Ashley may play a viscountess on 'Bridgerton,' but that's just one of her talents.

Dearest reader: Don't try this at home. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday, Bridgerton season 2 star Simone Ashley confirmed she has tried her hand at tattooing.

As she recalled to host Jimmy Kimmel, the 26-year-old British actress was in Los Angeles during the COVID-19 lockdown and, while she tried out the more standard pandemic activities like making banana bread and tie-dying, she eventually wanted to try her hand at tattoo art. 

Considering tattoo parlors were shuttered in the earliest days of the pandemic, Ashley turned to the internet, where she purchased a rotary pen "surprisingly" easily.

A novice, she also leaned on the internet to learn what exactly to do. Cue YouTube videos. She found a man suggesting some "interesting stuff" to tattoo, including using a type of deodorant stick to apparently cause a chemical reaction on the transfer paper. 

Curious about the man's unusual methods, Ashley looked at his username. "It was called PrisonTattoo.com," she said. "I looked at his videos and I was like, 'Wow, there's an inmate making videos in prison.'"

And the videos turned out to help the actress, who confirmed she followed his instructions and now has a tattoo of a sphynx on her ankle. 

We're just surprised we didn't hear this from Lady Whistledown first.