Brie and Nikki Bella Share How They're Staying Calm While Being Pregnant Amid Coronavirus (Exclusive)

ET exclusively spoke with the siblings via Zoom on Tuesday.

Brie and Nikki Bella are making the most of their time while quarantined!

The twin sisters, who are both currently pregnant, exclusively spoke with ET via Zoom on Tuesday, to discuss what they've been up to while self-isolating to prevent further spread of COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus.

Brie and Nikki revealed that they are quarantined with Nikki's fiance, Artem Chigvintsev, along with Brie's 2-year-old daughter, Birdie, and their French bulldogs. Brie revealed that her husband, Daniel Bryan, is currently in Orlando, Florida, and said he will stay in a hotel for 15 days once he returns home on Thursday.

"The nice thing is we're neighbors so we've been keeping each other company, keeping each other calm, and helping each other with our fears and anxiety of the uncertainty of this virus," Brie told ET's Lauren Zima. "We're really lucky we have each other. We have definitely built a compound. We don't let family come over; it's just been Nicole, Artem, Birdie and I. We enjoy our coffees in the morning and then we switch having dinner at each other's houses so it feels like we have somewhere we're going."

"We're just trying to stay super positive. This is a scary time for everyone, so we're just trying to keep our heads up high, especially for our babies," Nikki added. "We're lucky because Artem's here too with us. He's been cooking a lot of our meals. Because we have each other, it's been easy to isolate. We isolated, I want to say, a week before they were really encouraging people to stay home because being pregnant, we are at a high risk, having lower immune systems."

Nikki joked that while she could have never imagined this would be the way her first pregnancy would go, she's fully embracing it and trying to make the best of the situation.

"We've increased our meditation so much, because you try not to panic being pregnant," she said. "I'm already more than halfway through which I can't believe."

"I think the biggest thing for us is just keeping up on our nutrients. We've upped our vitamin intake, we're staying hydrated and taking a lot of walks," Brie added. "We're really trying to stay healthy and I think that's the most important thing for everyone. Your immune system can be strong as long as you allow it to be."

Brie is due in July, while Nikki is expecting her little one to arrive in early August. The two revealed they have had to cancel or postpone pretty much "everything" they were looking forward to this year, including their baby showers, joint babymoon, a podcast tour and their induction ceremony into the WWE Hall of Fame.

"2020, Brie and I were like, 'This is an amazing year for us.' We were like, 'We are slammed until the doctors say we can't travel anymore,'" Nikki explained. "I was also going to do a few covers of some pregnancy magazines, all those got canceled."

"Now it's like every day you just wake up hoping that the virus will be contained and the curve will be flattened," Brie added.

The famous sisters also admitted that they have some fears about how the coronavirus will continue to affect hospitals across the country, and, potentially, their birth plans if the quarantine period needs to be extended.

"I told Artem, I am happy our baby is coming the beginning of August. I feel really bad for the people who are due over the next few weeks," Nikki said. "I told Artem it's just a really scary time to be in the hospital. I mean, your doctors are getting coronavirus just by working on patients, so it's almost scarier to go in a hospital than anywhere else right now."

"I told him that really worries me about our baby. Like, are we going to have to have it at home? I don't want a natural birth," she added. "So, it worries me. But we are lucky being the end of August. I pray every morning and night that [this virus] changes for us. As of right now, we're still due to have our baby in Los Angeles. We have a reservation in the hospital."

Total Bellas returns to E! on Thursday, April 2. Nikki and Brie are also looking forward to the release of their very first book, Incomparable, out May 5. In the meantime, hear more on the twins in the video below!


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