Brielle Biermann Receives Backlash After Defending Donald Trump on Twitter

Brielle Biermann
Prince Williams/Wireimage

The reality star is taking heat for a political statement she shared to Twitter on Monday.

Brielle Biermann is facing some vitriolic backlash for weighing in on politics and defending President Donald Trump.

The reality star took to Twitter on Monday to seemingly defend Trump against widespread criticism of his handling of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

"This is not political," Biermann, 23, wrote. "I don’t care how i/you feel about trump as a politician but he is a PERSON. 'Running' the country."

"He has feelings like all of us," Biermann added. "Do you think someone wants to do the best they can when they’re constantly belittled/bullied for everything they do/say?"

While Biermann prefaced her remarks by saying they were not politically motivated, many of her fans and followers were quick to shoot down her argument, slam her stance, and unfollow her on the social media platform.

"If he’d stop constantly belittling/bullying others, I would see your point, but he spews vile insults at every turn," one user wrote, while another added, "Do you follow him on Twitter? Literally ALL he does is belittle and bully others. Where is your outrage about that? Where is the leadership in that? Check yourself."

"His government is letting Americans die in the thousands. He isn’t lifting a finger to get PPE or ventilators to where they need to be. He wanted to be president.  He sucks at it," another Twitter user argued.

Some followers felt the time Biermann took to pen an outspoken defense of Trump would have been better used using her platform to stand up for marginalized communities.

"It’s okay to treat middle class and lower class like garbage , because he needs to run a country and is in a position of power? Why not speak up for people who don’t have a voice? immigrants, minorities, women, children," one user asked in response. "They are humans too why aren’t they brought up?"

Meanwhile, other followers turned to tweets Biermann posted in the past -- in which she wrote negative comments about former President Barack Obama -- as supposed evidence of hypocrisy.

"How bout THESE tweets?... From the bigmouth herself," a Twitter user wrote, along with screenshots of tweets Biermann allegedly wrote in 2012. The tweets in question read in part, "Reason for the world ending: Mayans knew Obama would be president again."

After the swift backlash had poured in, Biermann took a hard left turn with another tweet, seemingly in an attempt to show the outrage hadn't affected her.

"Anywaaaaays it’s a beautiful day in Atlanta," she wrote, later tweeting, "Can’t stop eating chocolate chip cookies."

The outrage comes amid the Trump administration's heavily criticized response to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent efforts to curb the outbreak in the US. For more on the virus, and how people are coping while self-isolating and socially distancing, check out the video below.