Britney Spears Consents to Sons Relocating With Kevin Federline to Hawaii

The boys will be relocating to Hawaii.

Britney Spears has signed off on her ex, Kevin Federline, relocating to Hawaii with their two children, but ET has learned the pop singer is not thrilled about him turning the matter into a public spectacle.

ET has learned that Spears' lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, wrote a letter dated May 31 to Federline's attorney informing him that the singer does not intend to interfere with Federline's plans to uproot the family and relocate to Hawaii. Spears has offered her full consent.

In the letter, as first reported by Page Six, Spears' attorney slams Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, for publicizing the matter and "creating unnecessary drama and a false 'dispute' by publicly discussing the issue." What's more, Rosengart added that in doing so "it was undignified, ungracious, and unnecessary."

A source tells ET that "Britney loves and has always supported her children and wants them to be happy." In a statement to ET, Kaplan says, "I responded to Mr. Rosengart about how I feel about that and I am not going to involve myself in an involuntary pen-pal relationship with him."
As for Federline's reaction, Mr. Kaplan tells ET, "I'm sure Kevin is very pleased. He needs to make plans for the move and these plans take months to put it into effect."

Spears' consent comes just over two weeks after a source confirmed to ET that Kaplan sent a letter asking if Spears would be open to letting their sons -- Jayden, 16, and Sean, 17 -- relocate to Hawaii with Federline and their stepmom, Victoria Prince.

With Spears consenting to the move, it avoids Kaplan having to take the drastic step of having to formally make the request in court. But it seemed things would never head down this road, especially since Spears hadn't seen her sons in more than a year.

As for the move to Hawaii, a source previously told ET that Federline has DJ opportunities there, and Prince has a job offer at a university. Federline's sons are eager to make the move sometime in July, at which point Jayden would continue classes remotely and Sean will have already graduated.

TMZ was first to report Federline's plans.

Kaplan spoke to ET's Kevin Frazier and further explained why he sent the letter to Spears.

"Well, the reason I sent the letter on behalf of Kevin to Britney is that Kevin has an opportunity available to him to relocate to Hawaii, and the boys are very excited if they're able to relocate to Hawaii," Kaplan said. "And even though Kevin has sole legal custody over the existing orders and even though Kevin has had what we call defacto sole physical custody or, for the last 15 months or more, the law still requires you to get the consent of the other co-parent."

Kaplan confirmed that there hadn't been "any exercise of visitation or custody in the last year," and he believes Spears would "do the smart thing and not object."