Britney Spears' Ex-Husband Kevin Federline Says Her Dad Jamie 'Saved' Her

'I feel like Jamie Spears really helped that situation at first,' Kevin said.

Kevin Federline is sharing his opinion about his ex's father. In an interview with ITV News, Britney Spears' ex-husband says that he believes Jamie Spears "saved" the pop star by being her conservator.

Britney's conservatorship was terminated in November after 13 years, the month after Jamie was suspended from his role as conservator.

"Jamie came to me and said, 'I don't know what to do. I want to help my daughter,'" Federline tells ITV News of when Britney's conservatorship began. "I saw a man who cared. 100 percent Jamie saved her back then. I feel that by Jamie stepping in as conservator, nobody else was willing to do it, I feel like Jamie Spears really helped that situation at first." 

Kevin, who shares Jayden James, 15, and Sean Preston, 16, with the singer, admitted that, while he's unsure if Jamie "overstayed" his position, "in the beginning he got everything back on track."

"I wasn't involved in any of it, so I don't know how the conservatorship came about, who's decision it was," Kevin says. "All I know is that you have a family who is worried about their daughter, and they are doing whatever they can to help her. I stayed so far away because of the boys. I had to worry about them. I couldn't get involved in the other stuff."

Throughout Britney's conservatorship, Kevin says that her sons "had a lot of questions" about the situation.

"I [can't] answer all of them," Kevin admits. "I try to explain that your mom needed help and people were in play to make it happen and make it better... I just try to tell them things are put in place for her and for their benefit and to manage a hectic situation."

Kevin, who was married to Britney from 2004 to 2007, adds that he has no ill-will towards his former father-in-law, even though his sons were cut off from their grandpa when "boundaries were overstepped" by Jamie.

"I would absolutely welcome him back. Especially if that's what the boys wanted. I have no hard feelings towards Jamie," he says. "People make mistakes. I feel bad for him. He's been put through the wringer. I'm not privy to what's gone on and I've stayed away for a reason. Until I see that it's actually proven I'm not going to keep my kids away from him. I can't wait until the restraining order is over because I am going to call him. I know he feels horrible for what's happened, and the boys have forgiven him."

As for his relationship with Britney, Kevin says that he and his ex "haven't spoken in a long, long time."

"It's been years," he says. "We'd talk when the kids were younger. There was this moment of time... [where] everything was manageable. When Jamie first stepped in everything calmed down and we were going to sporting events together with the boys."

Kevin's latest interview came shortly after he told DailyMail that his sons have "decided they are not seeing" their mom right now.

Britney reacted to that interview on her Instagram Story, writing that "it saddens me to hear that my ex-husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children."

“I’m only human and I’ve done my best," she added. "...I honestly would like to share my TWO CENTS!!!!"

Britney's husband, Sam Asghari, also addressed Kevin's interview in a post on his Instagram Story.

"There is no validity to his statement regarding the kids distancing themselves and it is irresponsible to make that statement publicly," Sam wrote. "The boys are very smart and will be 18 soon to make their own decisions and may eventually realize the 'tough' part was having a father who hasn’t worked much in over 15 years as a role model."

"[Kevin's] character is revealed by approval of the cruel 13 year [conservatorship] and his loyalty to Jaimie indicates his approval at the time of its conception as well," he added. "Things that are now considered normal issues and behavior easily dealt with therapy or other ways were magnified to justify a 13 year prison sentence. Anyone approving of it is wrong or benefiting from it somehow."



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