Bromance Alert! Ryan Seacrest & Jensen Ackles Dish on Their Days as Roommates Throwing ‘Pellet Ice Parties’


Now this sounds like one fun apartment!

Ryan Seacrest and Jensen Ackles have revealed they used to be roomies during an appearance on LIVE With Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday, sharing how they lived together in Los Angeles, California, back in the day.

“You can’t compete with this guy,” Seacrest teased of his bachelor days partying with Ackles. “When you roll up to a party with him, no one wants to talk to me.”

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“Are you kidding me?” responded the Supernatural star, pointing out his hair in an epic throwback pic of the two. “You can compete because I’ve got frosted tips and who wants that? Nobody.”

Seacrest then shared how the photo was taken at their “pellet ice party,” which they threw because they were able to score free ice from a nearby Chinese restaurant. The bash was also attended by Tatiana Ali, who can be seen in the background of the pic.

"It was a long time ago, my friend," Ackles, 39, reminisced. "You were on the radio. You were doing a morning show. I was doing a soap opera. We were the E-list."

Seacrest also tweeted the photo, alongside a recreation with Ripa, pointing out that Ackles -- who has been married to actress Danneel Harris since 2010 -- still gets the girls.

“My old roomie @JensenAckles and I, then and now,” he wrote. “He still gets the girl and I still get the side eye. #kellyandryan.”

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We bet the ladies were lining up for these parties!

See Seacrest talk about the upcoming American Idol reboot below.

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