'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Sneak Peek: Andy Samberg Knows His Way Around a Backstreet Boys Ballad (Exclusive)


Who knew a '90s boy band ballad could help identify a suspect? Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek from Sunday's episode!

Andy Samberg has a way with boy bands.

In the first of Sunday's special helping of back-to-back Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, Detective Jake Peralta (Samberg) helps Angela (guest star Christine Garver) try and catch a suspect. They line up five potential culprits against the wall, hoping that she'll recognize one of them as the man who committed the crime. But this is unlike any other police lineup. Since Angela was actually hiding in the bathroom, without the chance to look at the suspect's face, Peralta is forced to resort to a rather unconventional booking technique: identifying the perp through singing. Yup, singing.

"He was singing along to the music in the bar," Angela remembers. "I think it was that song ... 'I Want It That Way'?" 

"Backstreet Boys? I'm familiar," Peralta replies without skipping a beat.

A self-proclaimed '90s boy band expert, Peralta knows exactly how to pin down the guilty party, advising the five men to croon the lyrics to the Backstreet Boys ballad one by one. Hilariously, they all know the words to the song and follow his orders without fail. Of course, Peralta can't help but join in for the chorus.

"Chills, literal chills!" Peralta says excitedly after pulling off the impromptu BSB sing-along.

But did Peralta's serenade ultimately help Angela zero in on the suspect? Watch the exclusive sneak peek below to find out.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs back-to-back episodes Sunday, April 15 at 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.