Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung on Why They 'Feel Like Newlyweds' (Exclusive)

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

The couple also dished on whether kids might be in their future.

Two years after tying the knot, Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung still feel like newlyweds. 

The couple married in a gorgeous Halloween ceremony in Santa Barbara, California, in 2015, three years after they started dating, and just months after co-starring in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong. While they clearly can't get enough of each other, it's actually time apart that Greenberg and Chung credit for their successful relationship in Hollywood. 

"It works for us," Greenberg explained to ET over the phone last week. "Jamie had the idea to get separate apartments while we were shooting in Hong Kong, and I thought, 'That's stupid. Why are we spending money on two different places?' But ultimately, I'm really grateful we did that. It was a nice way to just have some time to ourselves and break up the project a little bit. And honestly, that's kind of how our relationship is. We enjoy spending time together, but we also enjoy spending time alone." 

"It's our dynamic on how to make it work. He has his own hobbies and interests, and there's particular ones that bring us together, but we do have our individual outlets, creatively, and things we can just call our own," Chung added, as her husband noted in her fashion blog, What the Chung?, and in his music -- but said they still make time to run lines together. 

"[Being married], you just sort of realize that you're in it for the long haul," he shared.

While being in it for the long haul means they're extra supportive of each other's careers, it's also changed the way the couple communicates. 

"When difficult situations or arguments come up, they're not, like, bloodbaths anymore, because you just know that you're stuck with this person, so you just figure it out. I feel like when you're dating, it's so easy to just pull the ripcord and just walk away," Greenberg said. 

"I think with being married, we're learning just how to communicate more -- or communicate less, even, in some instances, because Jamie's not a big talker," he laughed. "So I just learn not to talk to her about certain things. But for me, I think she learns that she has to communicate a little bit more sometimes. We work it out, you know." 

The pair has also been communicating about having kids in the future, though Greenberg notes it's "not top of the list at the moment." 

"We're both kind of busy and enjoying our lives and enjoying our adventures and travels and work. And we have a dog, so [Ewok is] not a kid, but feels like one sometimes," the 39-year-old actor joked. "We're definitely going to start thinking about it soon, but we still feel kind of like newlyweds, so, we're just enjoying it."

Greenberg, who starred as Ben on The Mindy Project, and has a new movie, Foreplay, out in February, and Chung, who just wrapped production on The Gifted, will be celebrating their holiday break with a jampacked schedule, which kicked off in Peru this week. 

"[We're going to] Machu Picchu, and we're going to hike the Inca trail," Chung excitedly gushed. "We're super excited. We did our research. Bryan, like, planned this whole trip since I've been sick for the last two weeks, so it will be interesting to see how it works out." 

"After that, we're going to have a day to recollect ourselves in Los Angeles, and then we're going to drive to San Francisco for Christmas... and Bryan, you will have to shave [for that]," she adorably reminded her husband. Luckily, the couple has partnered with Braun, so Chung has nothing to worry about. "And then we'll spend New Year's in Lake Tahoe skiing." 

"We're treating ourselves," Chung boasted.