BTS Transforms Into The Beatles for Their 'Late Show' Debut

The K-pop supergroup have reached Beatle-mania levels of popularity and joined Stephen Colbert on Wednesday.

It's official! BTS mania has gotten to full-on Beatles levels.

The k-pop supergroup made their Late Show debut on Wednesday, donning formal black suits while paying homage to the legendary rock band, who made their own history-making appearance in the Ed Sullivan theater back in 1964 to similar fanfare.

Host Stephen Colbert opened the show (in black and white) by introducing the seven members of the wildly popular group -- J-Hope, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, Jin, and RM.

"Or as they're known by their nicknames, the cute one, the cute one, the cute one, the cute one," said Colbert, doing a stellar impression of the iconic Ed Sullivan, who famously introduced The Beatles nearly the same way 55 years ago.

To celebrate the occasion, many of BTS' screaming fans in the audience were also decked out in '60s wigs and mod-era clothing, making the tribute even more immersive.

During the episode, Colbert sat down with the band members for a brief chat, where he asked them whether or not they all have a favorite Beatles song.

True to their perfectly in-sync style, the boys of BTS then broke out into a harmonized rendition of "Hey Jude," and it was legitimately heartwarming.

Finally, when it was time to perform, the group hit the stage in their black suits for a expertly choreographed performance of their hit single "Boy With Luv."

From the cheering of the crowd alone -- coupled with the fact that BTS is the only band since The Beatles to release three No.1 albums in one year -- it's clear that they've reached serious levels of superstardom not seen since the British Invasion.

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