Caitlyn Jenner Says Kim Kardashian 'Calculated' Her Rise to Fame in 'House of Kardashian' Documentary

The former reality star is speaking out about her famous family in a new Sky TV documentary series.

Caitlyn Jenner is opening up about her reality-famous family in a new documentary series.

House of Kardashian is an upcoming, three-part documentary series from Sky TV that explores the A-list family's rise to stardom and international influence, as well as "the cost that comes with having Kardashian-level fame."

While Caitlyn only offers a sly laugh in the trailer when asked what it was like to work professionally with her ex, Kris Jenner, she's more forthcoming about how the family has taken steps to script their own success.

"Kimberly calculated, from the beginning, how do I become famous?" Caitlyn notes of her stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian, over shots of Kim's early days in the spotlight -- just around the time she became tabloid-famous for her publicly leaked sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J.

Another famous face in the trailer is Joe Francis, the Girls Gone Wild founder who has multiple ties to the famous family -- including being an ex of Kourtney Kardashian.

"[Kim's] sex tape was a means to an end," Francis claims in the clip. "It was to create a controversy."

Watch the full trailer below:

Caitlyn's relationship with some members of her famous family has been strained in recent years. In fact, just last month, her son, Brody, gave an interview about his life as a new dad, stating that he hopes to be the "opposite" kind of parent that Caitlyn was to him growing up.

"I think that what I'm most excited about is doing things differently than my father did. Growing up I didn't have the greatest relationship with then-Bruce [now Caitlyn Jenner]," Brody explained, noting that Caitlyn "wasn't really around for me growing up."

"So I think that just doing the exact opposite, being the absolute best father I could possibly be and getting ready for the journey," he added. "[I'm] just so very excited."

House of Kardashian premieres Oct. 8 on Sky Documentaries.