Cameron Mathison and Wife Vanessa Admit They Were Nervous Acting Together on 'General Hospital' (Exclusive)

The pair is set to share the screen on 'General Hospital.'

Cameron and Vanessa Mathison are teaming up on General Hospital. Cameron stars on the ABC soap opera as Drew Cain, and his real-life wife, whom he wed in 2002, is guest starring as an executive coach named Mia on an upcoming episode.

"This was an absolute dream come true," Vanessa told ET's Matt Cohen, before admitting to being "terrified" at the prospect of acting on the series, of which she's been a long-time fan.

The fear wasn't one-sided, with Cameron telling ET, "We were both nervous. I was nervous. I can tell Vanessa was nervous... then I started getting even more nervous."

Some of Vanessa's nerves stemmed from the fact that she had more to do in the episode than she imagined she would.

"I just thought I was going to be a patron sitting in a restaurant and the camera would pan across me," she said. "We get there, and there was an actual script. [I was like,] 'I have lines.'"

Her husband acknowledged that she does in fact play a "real character," before joking, "She’s the new soap star in the house. I can't take it."

Filming went well, thanks in large part to Vanessa taking comfort in acting alongside her husband.

"We locked eyes and I did not want to stop looking into Cameron’s eyes, because he was just my safe space," she gushed. "He was amazing... We practiced for a week. We ran lines."

Running lines together was a long-standing inside joke between the couple. Vanessa explained that, when she met Cameron, she soon learned he was appearing on All My Children as Ryan Lavery, a fact he tried to use to his advantage.

"At that time I was studying acting, so one of Cameron’s cheesy lines -- I always tease him about this -- was, 'Well, if you ever want to run lines, you can come over and we can run lines together,'" Vanessa recalled.

"And then, it turns out 24 years later, we were running those lines," Cameron told his wife of nearly two decades.

Running the lines and filming the scene went so well that Vanessa said she "would love" to return to the soap. She wouldn't even be opposed to having an on-screen love scene with her real-life husband.

"I think it could be kind of fun," Vanessa said of the prospect, before quipping, "We would have to run lines and practice a lot."

Cameron has a slightly different view, telling ET, "I feel like if it was my wife, you think I’d be even more comfortable, but in a way it's like allowing people to have, like, eyes into our bedroom. It becomes a little bit more uncomfortable."

Whether or not the pair appears on-screen together again, Cameron and Vanessa's relationship will continue going strong.

"We've been married 20 years coming up this summer, and it hasn’t all been smooth, for sure," Cameron said. "We went through rocky times the first five years. Getting through those times, and getting to call Vanessa my best friend and fully enjoy every moment together, it’s been better than I could have ever imagined marriage being for me."

Vanessa's episode of General Hospital will air April 21 on ABC.