Candace Cameron Bure’s 7 Most Realistic, Down-to-Earth Beauty Tips

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Candace Cameron Bure’s new book, 'Staying Stylish,' takes you inside her closet, lifestyle choices and workout routine.

Candace Cameron Bure has gone through many changes right in front of our eyes on Full House and now Fuller House on Netflix. In her new book, Staying Stylish, out Nov. 21, she opens up about everything from health and fitness to wardrobe and beauty care. Here are the seven things we learned from her new book that will help you mimic her fresh-faced, down-to-earth style, and be sure to check your local listings for more tips from Bure on Entertainment Tonight this evening!

1. The secret to D.J. Tanner’s unique ponytail.

Just as famous as Bure's character, D.J. Tanner, is her ponytail. The actress breaks down in her book that it is actually easier to pull off than you think.

"To get started, just section off the hair horizontally across the top of your head from ear to ear, creating two parts," she writes. "Next tease the back portion of your hair at the crown with a comb so that it creates a bump for height. Take the front portion of your hair and smooth it over the top of the crown. Pull up the hair and secure it with an elastic band. For max volume at the crown, pull the now-secured elastic out about an inch and re-cinch the pony.

The last step in this simple to-do look is to pull out a piece of hair to wrap around the hairband so that it doesn’t show. Secure it with a bobby pin."

2. Keep that rocking body all year long!

Bure writes, “If I want to live a long and fulfilling life with my husband and kids, then I have to focus on my health and make it a priority.”

Bure gives numerous exercise tips for how to stay in shape and live that healthy life. From reverse lunges and shoulder presses, to push ups and planks, the key is to stick with it even if you only have a few minutes during your busy day.

“I always try to fit in some kind of workout every day. Sometimes I will have a full hour to do the exercises alone or with a trainer. Sometimes I have only 10 minutes. With exercise every little bit helps,” she shares.

If you have a tendency to get bored with your own routine, fear not -- Bure’s tip is to add playful elements to your workouts. She writes: “Whether if its ‘dancing it out,' rocking a cartwheel or kicking up a handstand, finding movements that make your soul sing makes every workout more fun.”

3.  You, too, can have skin that looks like a million bucks…without breaking the bank, of course.

Bure elaborates the need to find a system that works for you because everyone’s skin is different. She recommends that if you have a dermatologist, have them build you a custom system.

To keep that healthy glow, Bure also recommends washing your face twice a day. She breaks this down into a morning and nighttime routine, adding that it's all affordable as she says you can find good, budget-friendly alternatives that work at your local drugstore.

4. Organization is key!

Yes, this goes for all things in life, but for Bure, this rule applies to her closet. One of her tips when it comes to organizing her closet is to do it by categories: “Tops, jeans, long dresses and pieces, skirts, shorts, and outerwear. Within each category, I color coordinate, starting with dark colors on the left and gradually working towards lighter shades of color on the right.”

While we all know that spring cleaning is a must to clear the clutter, Bure says hold on to the sentimental items that are in your closet. “Whether they are pieces that were given to me by someone important in my life or pieces that I associate with a special memory, I consider personal items like these to be keepers," she writes.

5.  We are what we eat.

In her book, Bure is very open about her past struggles with body image and food. “I haven’t always had the best relationship with food," she admits. "There was a time in my life when I struggled emotionally and used food as my comfort instead of turning to God’s grace. I’ve also struggled over the years with what to eat and how much to eat.”

Bure says that a major part of eating well is having healthy snacks around that are easy to grab when you are on the go. Some of the go-to snacks that she recommends are fresh, whole fruits like oranges, bananas or berries, hummus with fresh veggies, and small handful of raw, unsalted nuts.

6. Shoes: The battle between comfort and style.

Bure writes that the easiest way to dress up or down a look is with shoes, and the three essential types of footwear that she mentions are sneakers, wedges and heels.

Let’s start with the sneakers. The key to the sneaker, Bure writes, is to “find sneakers that appear more fashionable than athletic and to focus on slim and sleek looks in solid colors, or have a fun factor like glitter or metallic details.”

When it comes to wedges, she notes that they are the ideal balance of comfort and added height. 

As for heels, Bure adds that they "add glamour to otherwise casual wardrobe staples like jeans and a t-shirt and are must haves for formalwear.” 

7.  Pack a suitcase like a boss.

When it comes to traveling, the worst part of the trip is arguably the packing. It always seems like we take way too much stuff. To avoid this, Bure once again points out that organization is key. She recommends trying on your clothes before you pack as to avoid wearing something that doesn’t fit, or something that may not be as comfortable as you thought.