Candice Murley, TikTok Star, Dead at 36

Candice Murley

According to Murley's sister, the TikToker's death was 'very unexpected' and came as a 'massive shock' to the family.

Candice Murley, who entertained the world of TikTok with her dancing and cooking videos, has died. She was 36.

According to an obituary posted by a funeral home in Murley's hometown of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Murley died at her home on Jan. 2. 

While Murley's cause of death has not yet been revealed, her sister, Marsha McEvoy, shared on a GoFundMe page set up to cover the family's funeral expenses, that Murley's death was "very unexpected" and comes as a "massive shock" to their family. 

"Candice was so full of life and always lived life her own way," McEvoy shared. "She was full of energy and loved to dance & listen to her music; can't forget about her Bingo, oh how she loved her Bingo."

Murley had two TikTok accounts with a total of roughly 44,000 followers, but what she loved even more than entertaining her followers, was her son, Maxwell.

"But more than anything in his world she loved her son & her family dearly, we also can't forget her cat Stash," McEvoy said.

"We just know she is dancing in the sky now, we all know how much she believed in Heaven, she is certainly there," she continued. "We hope she is happy and free at last away from all her struggles and be her happy and carefree self forever in eternity. Perhaps the stars are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."

Known by most as "Candi," Murley gained TikTok fame for cooking and dancing videos, occasionally taking to the app to sing as well.

"Most people knew her as Candi - famous for her TikToks. She had a fan base like no other, she was entertainment at her best, with her dancing and her cooking, and let's not forget her scatter singing with her mic," her sister wrote. "Let's now look back at all her videos and keep them as our keepsakes to keep us smiling while we deal with this loss, she will be missed terribly by many."

Fans and followers of Murley took to social media to mourn the loss of the TikToker, with one user sharing her shock at Murley's death just hours after speaking to her on the popular social media platform.

"I can’t believe the news of Candice Murley’s passing. I watched her live TikTok only a few hours ago & spoke with her. Still blows my mind. Wishing the family of Candice love & prayers during this difficult time," the user wrote. "Hold your loved ones a little tighter. Rest Easy, Candice."

Murley is survived by her son, Maxwell, her parents, two sisters and their extended family.