Cardi B Claims She Was Kicked Out of New York Hotel by 'Racist' Cops, Denies Smoking Weed in Instagram Videos

Cardi B
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Cardi B is speaking out about getting ejected from a hotel in Albany, New York, on Saturday night, after cops were called by the manager, who complained about a loud party and the smell of weed.

In a video first posted by TMZ, the rapper can be heard calling hotel security "racist motherf**kers" in the lobby of the Hilton Albany as she was escorted off the premises. Hours earlier, she'd been performing at the Times Union Center.

On Sunday afternoon, Cardi took to Instagram to share her side of the story in a series of profanity-laced videos defending herself against claims that she or her team were smoking weed, and accusing the police and hotel security of racism.

"Albany is known for being racist," the "Bodak Yellow" rapper claimed in the first of several lengthy videos, all of which she has since deleted. "I really experienced that s**t yesterday."

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"If you know me, I don't even talk about smoking weed because everybody knows that I do not smoke weed. I get very paranoid," she continued. "And none of my team members smoke weed… we could all get drug tests. Nobody smokes."

The rapper, who said she's been very sick for several days and almost wasn't able to play her concert on Saturday, claimed she hasn't smoked in years

"The last time I smoked weed, I was 21," the 25-year-old performer said. "I tried to take a pull when I was around 23, and I was so paranoid I was freaking out. I don't like it. That's just not my choice of s**t. I drink a lot of beer and when I get real freaky I'll take some pills, other than that, that's just not my style."

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She went on to make several additional allegations of racism against the police and the hotel, adding, "I really don't want to be the one that pulls the race card, like, 'Oh, they did that because they're racist.' But that is the only explanation that I could f**kin' find."

Cardi also denied the allegations of her team having a loud party, claiming that she was fast asleep and trying to get over whatever illness she's struggling with, and that her people wouldn’t have wanted to wake her up after a long night of performing on stage.

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Cardi's ejection from the Hilton Albany came hours after the rapper appeared to have a falling out with boyfriend Offset.

Cardi B shared a selfie to her Instagram story, which she captioned "Single." It appeared to be her way of announcing that she'd broken up with the Migos rapper.

In a statement to TMZ, representatives for the Albany Police Department said that the hotel manager called to complain at 1 a.m. and by the time officers arrived, the team was already packing their belongings. 

They reportedly said there was no evidence that anyone in the group had been smoking weed, as was alleged by the hotel management. The Albany Police Department also denied allegations of racism.

Cardi B
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However, she later shared another picture where she said she "exaggerated alil bit" and that they hadn't actually split up.

"So listen babes, I exaggerated alil bit earlier cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme," she wrote. "I came to my senses now. I'm sorry …waffle house on me?"

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