Cardi B Has a Wedding and a Funeral in New 'Be Careful' Music Video

Cardi B's music video for 'Be Careful'

The 25-year-old rapper is a bride and a widow in her latest music video.

Cardi B runs the gamut of emotions -- from happy bride to vengeful widow -- in her latest music video.

In the vid for "Be Careful," the third single off Cardi B's debut album, Invasion of Privacy, the hip-hop star tells a dark story of infidelity and heartbreak. Initially wearing a flowing, white gown and extravagant jewelry, the 25-year-old raps about being suspicious of her man while they ascend the altar of a small church together, surrounded by crosses.

Reminiscent of Guns N' Roses' wedding-turned-funeral music video for 1991's "November Rain," the ceremony quickly darkens as Cardi B suddenly becomes a widow and her not-so-beloved winds up in a coffin. The rapper spits, "You make me sick," just before appearing to bury her cheating husband in the desert and driving off in a classic convertible.

Cardi B is gearing up to plan a wedding of her own, as she got engaged to Offset from the hip-hop trio Migos in October. The two are expecting their first child, a girl, this summer.

ET caught up with the star at the Heavenly Bodies-themed Met Gala earlier this month, where she addressed her Catholic faith, which might explain the spiritual memorabilia featured in the "Be Careful" video. 

“I told Jeremy I want something very Catholic. I want something that you see in a Catholic Church," she shared of her elaborate Met Gala look. "I'm Catholic, and I really wanted my religion to be embraced in my outfit."

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She added that she is really starting to feel her baby girl kick, noting that the bundle of joy “wants to fight me!”

“I feel very happy,” Cardi B gushed of her current mindset. "I feel like I want to work, I don’t know. I feel very energetic to keep on going, like powerful, like a woman, like a real woman!"

For more on the pregnant star, watch the clip below.