Cardi B Reacts to Viral Remix of Her Coronavirus Rant After Fans Turned It Into a Bop

Cardi B performs onstage during Universal Pictures Presents The Road To F9
Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

The rapper had some thoughts about her rant being turned into a hit song, and then charting on iTunes.

Cardi B has got to be one of the only artists who can accidentally be involved with the creation of a hit song.

After the rapper took to Instagram last week and went on an impassioned rant about the coronavirus outbreak, the government's response to the pandemic, and her own fears, DJ iMarkkeyz took the video and remixed it into a legit track.

The song then took off in a big way, becoming a viral hit that actually began charting. Fans can get it on iTunes, and there's even a radio edit.

Choice lines from Cardi's strongly-worded rant -- mostly her memorable way of saying "coronavirus" and "this s**t's real" -- blended together with a killer beat to create a truly epic tune.

When the song first began picking up steam, Cardi took notice -- especially after it started getting played in clubs.

"I might [as] well do a damn music video," Cardi tweeted late Sunday night, adding later, "I’m boutta tell Atlantic to put this song on Spotify."

When the song started charting on iTunes, Cardi really took notice. As it entered the top 100, Cardi took to Instagram where she shared a screenshot of it's placement at No. 96.

"The fact this damn corona virus song is charting on iTunes ....Hold on ..let me hit the Dj up and Atlantic so I can’t get my damn coins," she wrote.

Two hours later, she shared another photo of the song at it's new place at No. 11.

"Damn I posted the iTunes chart 2 hours ago of this damn Corona song charting on the hip hop charts at 96 now it’s number 11," she captioned the screenshot. "86 on the overall charts ..I’m glad yaaa having fun .....Make sure you lysol your pu**y before you POP IT."

Even other stars started to take notice of the tune, with Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Cody Simpson jokingly singing Cardi's remixed lyrics in a video posted to his Instagram story on Monday.

For more on Cardi's original message -- which raised some valid points and concerns about the spread of COVID-19 across the country -- check out the video below.