Cat Janice, TikTok Star and Viral 'Dance You Outta My Head' Singer, Dead at 31 After Cancer Battle

The singer recently had a song go viral on TikTok.

Singer Cat Janice has died at the age of 31 after a cancer battle she documented on TikTok. 

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the singer's family announced that Cat -- whose real name is Catherine Ipsan -- died Wednesday morning at her home in the company of her family. The page, now run by her brother, shared a photo of the "Dance You Outta My Head" singer along with a caption thanking her hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram and millions on TikTok for following her journey. 

"This morning, from her childhood home and surrounded by her loving family, Catherine peacefully entered the light and love of her heavenly creator," the post's caption reads. "We are eternally thankful for the outpouring of love that Catherine and our family have received over the past few months. Cat saw her music go places she never expected and rests in the peace of knowing that she will continue to provide for her son through her music. This would not have been possible without all of you."

In January, Cat went viral after sharing with her followers that more than six months after discovering her lung cancer had returned, she had received a terminal prognosis. 

"Hey guys. I've got the wrough news that cancer has won. I've fought hard but sarcomas are too tough," she wrote over a video of her in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose. "I reset all my music to go to my son. And I wanted to put out one more song for my birthday. I want my last song to bring joy and fun! It's all I've ever wanted through my battle with cancer." 

The singer attached her own song, "Dance You Outta My Head," to the video, which she does not speak in because "cancer has stolen my voice." 

Her final ask to her dedicated fans and followers was for them to pre-save the song on their streaming platforms and to stream it so that the proceeds could go directly to her 7-year-old son, Loren, who she noted she would be "leaving behind."

Under that post, singer-songwriter Jason Derulo commented that he was keeping her and her loved ones in his thoughts and prayers.

"🙏🏾 praying for you and your fam," wrote the "Marry Me" singer. 

Just days later, Cat shared that she was at home and had entered hospice care. On Jan. 20, she posted that she had "miraculously" made it to her 31st birthday and that her friends and family threw her a celebration to mark what she believed to be her final birthday.

"For such a scary birthday ive never felt so loved ❤️🥺 🫒," she wrote in the caption of her celebratory video. "I'm praying my story isnt over yet but if it is this is a pretty incredible way to say goodbye ❤️ I love you all so much."

The singer also lived long enough to see her song chart on iTunes at #5 in the world and #1 in several countries, which she graciously documented in a video on Jan. 22, thanking the millions of listeners who saved and played the song. 

"All of this is because of you guys. I am so lucky to even be alive. Let alone with such an amazing strong family of Music lovers by my side. My son and I will forever be grateful. I feel like I can rest in Gods peace from all of your love!" she wrote at the time. 

Her final video was posted on Feb. 19 when she made a duet with a singer who was covering her own song, crying over the rendition of her dance-pop single. 

In the caption, she described the struggles of her final days and the strength she discovered in her family, her fans and her faith. 

"ive been stuck slowly passing, unable to move, cannot use my legs, trapped in this near lifeless body. Cancer is no joke and never plays nice. But this beautiful moment helps me remember that soon I’ll be flying through the heavens, soaring through the next dimension, dancing with God and my Nonnie. I’ll finally be free and boy am I gonna dance. My baby boy will having all these wonderful memories as well thanks to you all," she wrote. 




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