Catherine Zeta-Jones Addresses Michael Douglas Sexual Harassment Allegations After Accuser Speaks Out

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas
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Catherine Zeta-Jones continues to support Michael Douglas even after his accuser spoke out in an article published by The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday and in a later interview on the Today show.

The 48-year-old actress appeared on Friday's The Viewand defended her husband against the sexual harassment allegations made by Susan Braudy, who served as the vice president of Douglas' Stonebridge production company from 1986 to 1989.

Braudy alleges that while working with the 73-year-old actor in the '80s, she was repeatedly verbally harassed by him. She also claims that during a work meeting at his home in 1989, he fondled himself in front of her. Douglas preemptively denied the allegations in an interview with Deadlineearlier this monthand told THR that the accusations were "an unfortunate and complete fabrication."

"He had to come out preemptively because of what he believes in," Zeta-Jones told the women of The View when asked about Douglas. "Michael came out with that statement. He was articulate and said it from the heart."

The Oscar winner further spoke about her support for the anti-harassment movements, #MeToo and Time's Up, and said that her husband now has to determine "the next step of where he goes from here."

"It’s a question for him. It happened 30 years ago. It was B.C. -- before Catherine," she said of the alleged incident. "But I stand against it."

Zeta-Jones added, "I have a daughter and as we battle through now, this is something I hope she doesn’t even have to think about in the workplace. Hopefully, let’s not hold our breath."

In 2003, Zeta-Jones won an Oscar for her role in the musical movie Chicago, which was produced by Harvey Weinstein's production company at the time. While many women have come forward alleging that the former movie mogul sexually harassed and/or abused them, Zeta-Jones told the View co-hosts that she did not have that experience when working with him.

"These women coming out, it’s an eye opener on this scale," she said of Weinstein's accusers. "I have great memories of [Chicago]. It was so long ago. We had such a great time."

As for Douglas, Zeta-Jones also spoke in support of her husband during an exclusive interview with ET on Sunday.

“My reaction was that as two people who have been in this business -- him longer than me -- was that we support ‘Me Too’ and the movement more than anybody, anybody -- me as a woman, him as a man,” she said. “And there was no other way than to be preemptive in a story that had to be watched. He did a statement. I think it’s very clear the way that he stands. I cannot elaborate on something that’s so very personal to him.”


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