'Celebrity Big Brother' Evicts First Houseguest in Dramatic Fashion


Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven't watched Friday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother has evicted its first houseguest in dramatic fashion.

On Friday's first live eviction of the season, Head of Household Keisha Knight Pulliam put up MMA fighter and UFC champ Chuck Liddell and Big Time Rush star James Maslow on the block for eviction. After the Power of Veto wasn't used, all eyes were on Chuck and James for the infamous title of the first evictee of Celebrity Big Brother. 

While the plan appeared to be to kick James out, after he painted himself into a corner and rubbed his fellow houseguests the wrong way, a last-minute plan by Shannon Elizabeth to keep James safe and instead, target Chuck, came to life one day before Friday's show. The kicker? Shannon's alliance members, Omarosa and Keisha, were completely unaware of the plan to vote out Chuck. 

Sure enough, Shannon's brilliant blindside came to fruition and Chuck was voted out of the house with a 7-1 vote, the lone vote to evict James coming from Omarosa. 


After the votes were read by host Julie Chen, Keisha's jaw dropped in shock and Omarosa had better luck keeping her poker face on, as she whispered something to Chuck as he left the house and slipped him a piece of paper with a mysterious message.

Did Chuck see his eviction coming? "Not really," he admitted to Julie, though he felt like something "switched sometime last night." "I'm not sure what happened exactly, but I guess I wasn't as good with the social game as James was."

Later, Chuck confessed that he needed to rewatch the tapes to know what specifically happened and wrong moves he may have made, but not before mentioning that he really wanted to appear on The Amazing Race: "I'm not sure what exactly I did wrong."

Unlike the regular edition of Big Brother, where jury members are sequestered and aren't allowed to reunite with their families or watch the episodes as they air, Julie broke the news that he'll be able to do so this time around as Celebrity Big Brother's first jury member. Asked what he'll do first when he gets home, Chuck was honest.

"For me, it will be really simple. It's going to be ... who was straight with me and who wasn't," he said, adding that he'll also take gameplay into account. "If someone plays a great game, I'll vote for them too. Shannon's got a good shot. ... She's mentally tough and smart. James has got a shot. I wouldn't count anyone out."

Celebrity Big Brother next airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


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