Celebs Entertaining Us From Home During Coronavirus Social Distancing

Food Network
Food Network

With social distancing guidelines keeping most people at home during the coronavirus pandemic, actors, musicians and other performers have had to put work on hold for the moment.

Amid quarantine, some of our favorite celebs have proven themselves to be just as entertaining at home, whether it's Miley Cyrus hosting her own talk show, DJ D-Nice's epic dance parties on Instagram Live, Florence Pugh showing off cooking tutorials or Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams reading stories to kids.

Read on to check out some of the best ways stars are using their talents to stay occupied and entertaining while we're all stuck at home.


BTS hosted an online concert for their devoted fans on April 18 and 19. Dubbed the Bang Bang Con, the seven K-Pop group members' special online streaming event was filled with at-home concerts and more on their YouTube page.

Lil Nas X, Katy Perry, Hailey Bieber, Yara Shahidi, Madelaine Petsch, Storm Reid and Tyler Cameron, among others took part in SHEIN Together, a streaming event that raised awareness and donations to benefit the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Katy Perry Shein
Tyler Cameron
Hailey beiber
Rita Ora
Lil Nas X SHeIn

SHEIN committed to donating $100,000 to the fund with viewers able to participate by purchasing a limited-edition #SHEINtogether t-shirt collection where 100 percent of the proceeds going to the UN Foundation for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.


Miley Cyrus proved that she's ready to take on a daytime talk show or late night hosting spot of her very own with Bright Minded, an Instagram chat show in which she invited famous friends on to talk social distancing, mental health and more. Cyrus did 15 episodes before going on hiatus, but her "season finale," featuring Sir Elton John, Kerry Washington and a candid chat with Selena Gomez is certainly one to watch.

John Mayer also hosts his own show, Current Mood, every Sunday night. On a recent episode, Mayer channeled major Mister Rogers vibes while crooning an uplifting new tune. "Though the present situation can be scary / You're the him or her you were in January," Mayer assures listeners, singing over a pre-recorded instrumental. "And all your friends will help to see you through / So don't be blue, you are still you."


Florence Pugh's movie career is obviously going strong, with an Oscar nomination this year for Little Women and a starring role in Marvel's upcoming Black Widow standalone. But her delightful social distancing cooking tutorials have proven that she could be a Food Network star, too, if she so desired. Fans have tuned in to watch her make butternut squash soup, ratatouille, homemade ice cream and more.

Guy Fieri and Bill Murray faced off in Food Network and Tostitos' Nacho Average Showdown,  which raised awareness and donations for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF), on May 15. Hosted by Carla Hall, Shaquille O'Neal and Terry Crews served as judges, as Fieri and Murray tried to make the best nachos. 


Your favorite Bachelor Nation couple, Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima, are keeping the roses growing and the rosé flowing, even during lockdown. Tune into their live "Group Date" events every Tuesday and Thursday nights to watch them chat with franchise faves and other celebs, create A+ TikTok content, and of course, SIP on some wine -- and all for a good cause!


Plenty of celebs are also offering entertainment for children, with education advocates like Jennifer Garner and Dolly Parton reading some of their favorite stories on YouTube and social media for kids to watch.

Garner even inspired Amy Adams to finally join Instagram herself, and her very first post was a story in support of Save With Stories, a partnership between Save the Children and No Kid Hungry aimed at raising funds to provide food for kids who normally rely on school meals. And Adams' story was a family favorite. The actress read "The Dragon Princess," which was written by her 9-year-old daughter, Aviana!


Everyone's taking advantages of their time at home to watch shows and movies that have been on their to-do list, as well as re-watch old favorites. And some stars are joining in on that as well. Courteney Cox is rewatching Friends, Jamie-Lynn Sigler is binging The Sopranosand the cast of Timeless even did a live episode rewatch with fans!


Like many parents across the country, celebs with kids have also joined the ranks of de facto teacher while their kids are completing homeschool assignments, perhaps none more hilariously than New Girl star Max Greenfield. Whether it's a Dua Lipa singalong in which his daughter, Lilly, informs him that his voice is "dogs**t" or a kid-friendly explanation of Tiger King, stay tuned to Greenfield's Instagram page to crack up at the pair's ongoing antics.


Podcasts are also a great way to pass the time at home, and some favorite television stars have kicked off new ones to entertain fans. Seth MacFarlane recorded a podcast as two of his Family Guy characters, Stewie and Brian, while Zach Braff and Donald Faison launched their own Scrubs rewatch podcast, Fake Doctors, Real Friends.


With bars and clubs closed down, there is little opportunity for drag queens to get at their gigs, but, ever industrious, many have taken to live-streaming drag shows from the comfort of their own homes. Check out Trixie Mattel's Twitch Tuesdays, Biqtch Puddin's "Digital Drag" Friday megashows, and PEG's Digital Drag Fest to see your faves without leaving the couch!

And while season 12 of RuPaul's Drag Raceis still giving fans their weekly dose of the dolls, comedians (and roommates) Nicole Byer and John Milhiser took it upon themselves to recreate their own "Lip Sync for Your Life" when they were stuck at home, to dramatic and hilarious effect:


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