Chance the Rapper Offers Free Movie Tickets to See ‘Marshall' -- All Day Long!

Chance the Rapper
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Chance the Rapper fans are in for a treat!

The 24-year-old singer took to Twitter on Friday to share a press release that he penned himself, offering free movie tickets at two movie theaters in Chicago to see the Reginald Hudlin directed drama,Marshall.

“Chance the Rapper press release. For Immediate Release,” the press release begins. “I bought all the tickets all day to go see Marshall at the movie theatre on 87th and the one on Roosevelt.”

“Go see Marshall today for free,” the message continues. “Come to the one at 3. It’s Lit. I don’t usually write my own press releases.”

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Fans quickly took to Twitter to respond with sweet and hilarious notes of appreciation.

"What did we do to deserve you?” wrote one fan, while another hilariously gushed at his kind gesture, saying, “Honestly feel like a proud black mother at graduation YESSSS THAT’S MY BABY.”

Chance later tweeted additional details on the movie theater locations, while also hinting of a possible surprise at a 3:00 p.m. showing.

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See more fan reactions below:


This isn't the first time Chance has offered fans free movie tickets, back in February he distributed complimentary tickets to see Get Out. For more on the "No Problem" rapper, watch the video below. 

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