Channing Tatum Gushes Over Girlfriend Zoe Kravitz's Directorial Debut: 'I'm in Awe' (Exclusive)

Channing Tatum also recently announced a new North American tour of 'Magic Mike Live.'

Channing Tatum is smitten -- personally and professionally -- with girlfriend Zoe Kravitz

The couple is currently on location in Yucatan to film Pussy Island, with Kravitz directing and Tatum acting. Speaking exclusively with ET's Nischelle Turner this week, Tatum couldn't help but gush over what an incredible job Kravitz is doing on her directorial debut.

"I'm in awe," the 42-year-old actor effuses.

"She's doing better than I did on our first movie with Dog," admits Tatum, who starred in and directed Dog. "I mean, jeez, we barely survived and she's just killing it." 

The Dog experience led Tatum to advise Kravitz not to wear both hats when working on her own film.

Tatum reveals that he'll be playing a character called Slater King in Pussy Island and, while keeping tightlipped about storyline details, shares that his character is wholly unlike any of his previous roles.

"This is just a completely categorically different thing," he says, referencing his background in romantic and action flicks. Tatum adds he was flattered to be viewed in a new light, gushing that Kravitz really "saw me." 

"She's got a weird gift for that. She sees right through a lot of people's stuff and really, just who they are to her is really simple," he shares. "She's one of the more intentional people I've ever met in my life." 

That energy appears to extend to the filming environment she has created on set, with Tatum likening the experience to "summer camp." 

"We're doing some really, really cool stuff," he notes of the film. "It's super stylized and yet really fun, but has a very deep and I think a shocking sort of message at some point." 

Tatum recently wrapped the third installment in his Magic Mike franchise, Magic Mike's Last Dance, with director Steven Soderbergh. But before that shows up in theaters, Magic Mike Live will be hitting the road on a North American Tour. First stop: Miami, Florida, in October 2022. Tickets are on sale now at

"We didn't even know we were going to do a live show during the first movie and then we ended up doing it in Vegas," Tatum says. "We made this show that we all fell in love with and we were just like, 'We got to do a tour in America that isn't a residency in a fixed place. ...We want to bring it to everyone, you know, all over America 'cause it's medicine. It's medicine for the soul." 

Since Magic Mike Live began its run in Sin City, it has expanded with runs across the globe in the UK, Australia and Germany. Now, some of the brightest stars from each of the respective productions will join forces to bring the show across North America . 

"This is going to be kind of this really strange, I think, cataclysmic sort of mix of all of our different guys from all these different places," Tatum reveals. 

"Most of these dancers toured with all the biggest artists," he adds. "They're used to traveling and they were kind of like, 'Alright, it's a nice change of pace to be in one place' and kind of establish themselves, but now they're itching a little bit. They're like, 'Yeah, let me get back out in the world and go crazy.'" 

As for whether fans can expect Tatum to pop up at a Magic Mike Live show for a surprise performance, he gives ET an enthusiastic, "100 percent." 

"There are two dances in the live show that, ever since the very first time that we created it, I was like, 'Uh, well, I am doing that at some point!'" he confesses.