Chase Chrisley Shares Story About Cherishing Loved Ones After Parents' Prison Sentencing

The 26-year-old took to Instagram to share a message about appreciating those you love.

On the heels of parents Todd and Julie Chrisley's prison sentencing, Chase Chrisley has reshared an emotional message about appreciating those you love in life.

Chase, 26, took to his Instagram Story on Monday and reposted a viral story circulating on social media with a special lesson. 

"A good friend of mine unexpectedly lost his wife. A couple months later, we were golfing together, chatting about nothing. He asked what my dinner plans were and I told him wifey wanted my homemade chili and cornbread, but I didn't feel like stopping at the store," the post read. "We golfed a few more minutes when he quietly said, 'Make the chili.'"

"It took me a few minutes to realize we were no longer talking about dinner," the post continued. "It was about going out of your way to do something for someone you love because at any moment, they could unexpectedly be taken from you."

"So today I'm sharing with you that wisdom handed to me by my dear friend, that I've thought of so many times since that day," the post concluded. "Next time someone you love wants you to go for a walk or watch a football game or play a board game or just put your phone down and give them your undivided attention, just do it. 'Make the chili.'"

Chase Chrisley/Instagram

The poignant post comes one week after Chase's famous parents were sentenced to spend a combined total of 19 years behind bars for the role they played in their tax fraud case.

On Nov. 21, a federal judge sentenced Todd to 12 years in prison, as well as 16 months probation, while Julie was sentenced to seven years in prison, plus 16 months probation. Back in June, the couple was found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States and tax fraud.

The emotional post about cherishing those you love also comes on the heels of a frightening car accident involving his 16-year-old brother, Grayson.

On Nov. 12, Grayson was driving his Ford-150 on I-65N when he collided with the back of a vehicle that was stopped in traffic, according to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

Per the report, the driver of the vehicle that was hit by Grayson suffered injuries from the impact. However, the person refused to be transported to the hospital via ambulance. The report said that when Grayson was asked to recall the events of the accident, he was unable to tell the officers what happened because of a suspected head injury. Grayson was taken to the hospital for treatment, and both vehicles involved in the accident were taken away from the scene.