Chase Rice Spills the Unexpected True Story Behind One of His Most Romantic Lyrics (Certified Country)

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The 'Lambs & Lions' singer offers a track-by-track deep dive on this week's episode of Certified Country

Musical inspiration really can strike at any moment. 

Chase Rice is spilling the stories behind his new album, Lambs & Lions, in this week's episode of Certified Country, and the source material for "Eyes on You," one of his most romantic offerings, might just surprise you. 

"'Eyes on You,' to me, is the biggest song of my career so far," he says, promising that it will become a single. 

"[The song] is that cool idea of everywhere you go with this girl, you're almost so mesmerized by her that you're missing the views in Paris, Big Sur," he explains, quoting one very specific lyric. 

"I can't believe I'm about to let this out the bag, but it is what it is," he begins. "Second verse says, 'Don't you remember Pfeiffer Beach, sunset cliffs by the sea.' ... That's the most romantic part of the song -- man, that's just the perfect scene."

Turns out, that line was pulled from a road trip that Rice took with his former college roommate, Garrett, a 6' 8", 300-pound former offensive lineman for the NFL. 

"We stop in Big Sur and we go to Pfeiffer Beach," he continues. "We're sitting there and the sun's setting, we've had an awesome trip together. ... It's the most perfect scene you could ask for. I'm staring at it and all of the sudden I look over to my left and I'm like, 'Man, this ain't right.' I see big Garrett over there, his hat barely fits on his head, and he's just sitting there watching the sunset. Ugh! This is the most romantic thing I've ever done and it's with my big buddy Garrett." 

Lambs & Lions is Rice's first new album since 2014's Ignite the Night and his debut offering on Broken Bow Records, the label home of Jason Aldean, Dustin Lynch, Kid Rock and more. The album has already launched a country radio hit with his current single, "Three Chords and the Truth." 

"We've had an interesting road the last three years," Rice admits. "But the music's back, and that's exciting for me." 

Rice opens up about how the album is blurring genre lines and his own unique career trajectory, which includes a history as a college football star, a member of a NASCAR pit crew, and a runner-up on Survivor: Nicaragua. See the interview below and follow Certified Country on Facebook Watch for new episodes with Nashville's hitmakers every Friday.