'Cheer' Star Maddy Brum Hospitalized After Being Hit by Car

Brum offered an update, saying she's 'blessed' to have only suffered some cuts and bruises.

Cheer star Maddy Brum is feeling "blessed to be alive" following a scary accident. Brum took to Instagram on Thursday to inform fans of the hit Netflix show that, while crossing a street two days prior in Kansas City, Missouri, with a group of friends, a car going between 20 to 30 miles per hour hit her.

Despite the scary ordeal, Brum said she feels "extra blessed" and "blessed to be surrounded by people who give me nothing but happiness and comfort."

"Luckily, I only left with bruises and cuts on my body," Brum added in her caption, along with photos of her on a hospital bed.

She also thanked the Cheer Live Tour 2022 team "for helping me at the hospital, as well as getting an orthopedic surgeon to make sure I was okay to still do what I love."


Brum also shared that, despite the accident, she'll continue the tour "to the best of my ability for the next few shows." 

There are still 20 more tour dates, including Friday's performance in St. Louis, Missouri. The next few dates include stops in Chicago (Saturday), Grand Rapids, Michigan (Sunday) and Detroit (Tuesday).

Brum was one of the breakout stars in season 2, when Cheer hit the streaming service back in January. She competes for Navarro College.