'Cheer' Stars Gabi Butler and Lexi Brumback on How Coach Monica Aldama Will Do on 'DWTS' (Exclusive)

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Gabi Butler and Lexi Brumback know that Coach Monica Aldama will go far on Dancing With the Stars. Aldama is the coach of Navarro College's elite co-ed cheerleading team in Corsicana, Texas, and one of the contestants competing for the mirrorball trophy on season 29. The Cheer stars, meanwhile, tell ET's Katie Krause that their coach will "kill it" while on the dance floor.

"With her determination, she could become a pro at anything. I can see her doing a back walkover in high-heel boots. I know she can do anything. She'll be fine," Brumback says. "She'll do great, honestly."

Butler adds, "She's very used to walking in heels already, so I feel like she's a really hard worker. She is a coach and, because she did cheer back in the day, I think that she can take good criticism and I feel like she's a hard worker. So I think that she would kill it."

"Yeah, she definitely will kill it," chimes in Brumback.

Meanwhile, when asked if they've been asked to join DWTS, Butler plays coy with her response.

"I keep it low key but, I mean, whatever happens in the future I feel like it will be seen," Butler replies. "But I would love to do it. I think it would be a really, really amazing experience just because…first of all I'm an athlete, so I'm super competitive in nature…I've always wanted to learn how to dance, so I think it'd be an amazing experience. So maybe next year."

As for having to turn down a spot on the dancing competition show because of the Navarro cheer team, she replies, "I'm not gonna say yes, and I'm not gonna say no."

"I'll just let you see. Girl, imma let you see what happens, OK?" she quips, adding that people might see her "next year" on the show. "Next year, if it does happen, it would be next year."

Meanwhile, the cheerleaders have been back in the gym training, while also maintaining a social distance and adhering to safety rules amid the coronavirus pandemic. They all have been assigned groups and follow a number of safety rules to be able to practice and prepare for Daytona.

"We're making it work," Butler explains. "The team is good and I'm really excited because we get to reunite with our team, our whole team, in about a week or so…For us, because we're college cheerleading, and I'm pretty sure I can speak for every college cheer team, we have Daytona, which everybody knows from the show. Basically, we train all year long for one competition and we'll have like showoff's right before Daytona. But that's the main goal. So Daytona is end of March, beginning of April. It falls around that time."

The team hopes that by that time things will be better and they won't have to cancel the competition like they did this year because of the pandemic. As they prepare for Daytona, is there a slight chance that there will be a Cheer season 2 that will document this experience?

While there are no cameras following them (yet), Brumback says, "I'm just happy to be here," with Butler adding with a laugh, "Anything is possible…Whatever happens is gonna happen and anything is possible."

Brumback, meanwhile, also gives an update on her relationship with Dominic Anthony Green, sharing that their time together amid quarantine has been "awesome."

"I feel like most people get sick and tired of each other for being around each other for so long, but we've been flourishing and thriving," she relays. "And that's how I just know that we're meant to be. Because if it wasn't, we would've been at each other's throats by now."

When asked if an engagement is in their future, she looks over at Green and says, "He's over there smiling...Yes, no. For sure, yes."

As for Butler, she's also been seeing someone named Jordan, whom she met at Navarro last year and dated for about a year before they broke up. They rekindled their romance in July.

"It was very back and forth," she explains, sharing that they would "love each other, but then the next day we're fighting." "But now we're doing really, really well and he's actually playing football at ACU [Abilene Christian University]…it's about three hours from Navarro so I see him every once in a while. I'm trying to take things nice and slow."

"He's great. He's super, super sweet," she adds. "He makes me super, super happy and yeah… Not only is he my boyfriend, he's also my best friend."

Butler is also gearing up for her podcast called Aftermat, which will be launched in a couple of weeks. She already has a number of guests lined up to talk about their experiences as an athlete or professional in their respective careers.

"I feel like it's a really good way for people to just relate, because I feel like a lot of people constantly only see the success from people," she explains. "They're only seeing their good parts and the highlights rather than seeing what makes them them, the work that they put into where they're at."

And aside from spending time with their beaus and practicing, the two are also holding a virtual event through Athleta Girl. Fans can join the Cheer stars on Sept. 5 for a class where they will teach some of their go-to stretches and warm-up exercises, followed by a moderated Q&A.

"I'm very excited because although sports are on pause due to COVID, Athleta Girl is putting on an interactive hour session of just a good little workout and getting everybody to move and just be normal and be athletic," Butler explains.

Brumback adds that she's "hoping it'll inspire some people to get up and get active." She adds that the pandemic can be depressing for people who aren't able to do what they use to be able to do before. "I experienced the same thing whenever we had to pack our bags and leave Navarro because of corona, then sitting around for so long gets really exhausting."

"Sometimes it's hard to find motivation to get up and active," she notes. "I hope that me and Gabi can actually inspire some people to have the motivation to get up and get moving with us."

 The fun starts at 10 a.m. PT and you can RSVP here. For more of ET's exclusive interview with the two, watch below!


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