Cher Would Rather Eat Gross Food Than List Her Top Favorite Lovers: Watch

The music icon ate a cow's tongue!

Cher is not prepared to spill any tea.  

On an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Tuesday, the 72-year-old singer ended up eating a lot of unappetizing things in a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.”

As the name suggests, participants have to either answer a series of tough question or eat something disgusting. With The Late Late Show taping in London this week, Corden added some British delicacies into the mix. 

When a gleeful Corden, asked Cher to name her top five lovers — including Tom Cruise, who she previously admitted was on the list — the superstar stayed mum, opting to consume a dried caterpillar.

"I don’t even remember saying that," Cher exclaimed of Cruise’s alleged place on the list.

"Do you remember doing it?" James, 39, quipped to vigorous nodding from Cher.

The game only got more disgusting from there. Despite knowing "exactly who it was" and claiming it "wasn’t even in doubt," Corden refused to reveal the drunkest royal wedding attendee, instead forcing a thousand-year-old egg down his throat.

The Ocean’s 8 star also wouldn’t divulge the person he’d least like to have on Carpool Karaoke — which was between Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. Groaning "I can’t," Corden swallowed a smoothie of fish, chips and mushy peas.

Cher didn’t get off any easier. Rather than say one nice thing about President Donald Trump, the "If I Could Turn Back Time" singer ate cow tongue — something she initially said she would "rather rat out my mother than eat."

When ET spoke to Cher last year, she revealed what kind of man she’s looking for.

"It takes kind of a special person," she exclusively told ET's Nancy O'Dell. "There are few people. It kind of cuts the herd down, because people are a little bit frightened about being Mr. Cher. It takes a certain kind of guy."

Check out more of ET's interview with the music legend:



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