Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence Live With Over 40 Reptiles in Their Home

Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

The 'DWTS' pro revealed her husband's love for reptilian pets while speaking with Kelly Clarkson on Thursday.

Cold-blooded! As it turns out, Cheryl Burke lives in a house filled with reptiles, and she doesn't exactly seem thrilled about it.

The Dancing With the Stars pro sat down for a chat on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, and was asked about the many, many pets that she and her husband, Matthew Lawrence, care for -- whether she likes it or not.

"I love animals, but he likes reptiles," Burke explained, after joking that their relationship works because "opposites attract."

"He has 45-50 reptiles that live beneath us," Burke shared, adding, "No snakes! That was the deal, no snakes. But when we dated a little over a decade ago I knew I would be marrying a guy who loves reptiles."

According to the professional dancer, her husband has all different kinds of reptiles, including "iguanas that look like alligators."

Meanwhile, Burke has a dog, and adorable Frenchie, that she makes sure stays safe from anything else in the house that might like at the dog like it's a meal.

"She's my little baby, so I'm like, 'Stay far away!'" Burke said with a laugh. "She stays away from the cages."

Burke and Lawrence recently rang in the holidays with a celebratory Christmas post, which featured their cute puppy (and, notably, none of their reptiles).