'Chesapeake Shores' Sneak Peek: Trace and Abby Reflect on What Could've Been (Exclusive)

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Would things have gone on a different path for Abby (Meghan Ory) and Trace (Jesse Metcalfe) had they made different choices?

That's the question on Abby's mind in Sunday's episode of the Hallmark Channel original series Chesapeake Shores. In ET's exclusive sneak peek from the upcoming hour, titled "The Way We Were," Abby asks Trace to contemplate what would could have been had she decided to come back home to Chesapeake Shores, Maryland, from the Big Apple, instead of staying away for years. 

"Do you ever think about what would have happened had I come back from New York?" Abby asks in the clip, curious if things would have been different between the two old flames

"Sometimes," Trace answers honestly.

"What would have happened if you hadn't found out I was with [ex-husband] Wes? Or what if we had actually talked when you came to New York?" she ponders.

"I don't know. Maybe we'd would be different people," he replies. "But something tells me I'd still be here with you."

"And happy?" Abby wonders. Watch the exclusive sneak peek above to find out Trace's response.

Earlier this month, Metcalfe opened up to ET about the challenges that face Trace and Abby in the third season, as they attempt to keep their rekindled relationship private from the prying eyes of the public and the growing threat of the paparazzi, amid Trace's resurgence in the limelight.

"Now that they have another opportunity, they've both come back to the relationship with a little bit of a different perspective and enjoy the time they have together," Metcalfe told ET. "They're not going to put too much expectation on it, but quickly, as it does with somebody you have strong feelings for, their relationship gets serious and progresses quickly. But with his newfound fame comes a reporter who's doing a piece on Trace who's really digging for a story and digging into his personal life, and they're dealing with the paparazzi coming to Chesapeake Shores. He really wants to shield Abby and her daughters and protect them and keep his life in Chesapeake separate from his career, but it's nearly impossible."

Chesapeake Shores airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.


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