'Chicago Med' Sneak Peek: Ethan Is Bothered by Will and Sabeena's Flirting (Exclusive)

Three's a crowd.

Three's a crowd.

Sparks are flying on Chicago Med with regard to the growing love triangle between Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) and cardiologist Sabeena Virani (guest star Tehmina Sunny), and only ET premieres an exclusive first look at Wednesday's episode, directed by S.J. Main Muñoz, as the tension begins to thicken.

In the clip, Ethan spots Will and Sabeena, who have grown closer while working on the clinical trial, walking together down the hospital hallway as they make plans for a five-course meal kit dinner. Sounds romantic. 

"This weekend?" Sabeena asks Will, as the pair seem to firm up plans for a date right in front of Ethan. After they agree to meet up for lunch later that day, Will leaves Sabeena alone with Ethan at the desk. 

"Still waiting to hear back on that invitation to play chess. I'm beginning to think that you're dodging me," she says after a beat. 

"Long days. By the time my shift ends, don't have the brain power to. Maybe play with Will," Ethan throws in. 

"I tried. It didn't go well," Sabeena confirms. "He's a checkers guy." The two share a laugh at their colleague's expense, before she leaves the door open for Ethan to take her up on her offer. "Anyway, offer's out there."

As she leaves, Ethan is left with a smile on his face. It's obvious he has feelings for Sabeena, so will he say yes?

For Main Muñoz, who is from NBC's Female Forward program, Chicago Med marks her third episode of television she's helmed since making her TV directorial debut last year through the initiative. (This week, all three Chicago shows are directed by women.)

"Having had the special opportunity to direct Chicago Med for three episodes now, I've become close with the cast and consider them friends. It's so fulfilling to dive deep into the storylines together, to discover the nuances of their characters' journeys alongside each of them, and to find myself empathizing with their characters' individual struggles and successes. That's the brilliant part of being a director! You not only make lifelong friends in the brilliant talent you work with, but you also fall in love with their characters," Main Muñoz told ET via email. "Every single person in Chicago Med's cast is a class act. They all love what they do and take pride in it. They work so hard and exemplify talent dedicated wholeheartedly to the craft of acting."

"Working alongside the cast of Chicago Med and the talent on all of the [Dick] Wolf shows is a dream," she added. "Each of them work so hard and exemplify actors dedicated wholeheartedly to the craft of acting. As a director, nothing is more fulfilling than diving deep into the storylines with the cast. Along the way, not only do I get to become close with each of them, but I also find myself falling in love with their characters!"

As for the Ethan/Will/Sabeena love triangle, Main Muñoz had this to say: "In one of our storylines this upcoming Wednesday, Dr. Choi aims to save an athlete's dreams and he needs to look elsewhere to gain the expertise into solving this perplexing case. What this means is he and Dr. Sabeena Virani end up 'playing doubles' in an effort to help save the patient and to Will Halstead's dismay, they make a pretty solid team."

Chicago Med airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. For more, watch below.

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