Chip and Joanna Gaines Investigate Abandoned House in 'Fixer Upper: Welcome Home' Series Premiere (Exclusive)

The Discovery+ series premieres Jan. 29.

Chip and Joanna Gaines are back on TV! In an exclusive clip from the premiere of Discovery+'s Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, Joanna discovers a "a little mound of stuff" in the bathroom of a neglected home that she fears is termites.

"Could be significant, could be nothing," Joanna says, to which her husband quips, "I can't wait to see the mound!"

When Chip sees the mound, though, he seems shocked by its size, so much so that he calls it "fascinating."

"This smells highly suspicious. Very urine-like," he says as he sniffs the mound. "I think it was a cat that has somehow completely decomposed. It's possible."

Chip decides to taste the mound, much to his wife's disgust, and announces that it has an "odd tinge to it." 

"I'm leaving," Joanna responds as she exits the room.

Though the content of the mound is still unknown at the end of the clip, Chip does confirm that termites are not the culprit.

The first episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home premieres Friday, Jan. 29 on Discovery+ as part of the Magnolia Network preview.



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