Chris Cuomo Reveals Wife Cristina is Already 'Out of Quarantine' After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Christina Cuomo and Chris Cuomo
Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images

Cuomo also shared a home video showing his first official exit from his basement quarantine as he reunited with his family.

Less than a week after first revealing that his wife had tested positive for the coronavirus, during the tail-end of his own battle with the illness, Chris Cuomo says she's already been cleared to leave quarantine.

During Monday's Cuomo Prime Time, the CNN anchor said wife Cristina Cuomo "has once again proven that she is the stronger part of the couple" and that she'd "powered through" her COVID-19 battle.

"She's out of quarantine, and she dealt with it in a fraction of the time," Chris said, referring to his own lengthy, painful struggle with the virus. "So we are among the blessed."

Later in the episode, Chris -- who was also recently cleared to leave quarantine -- shared some home video footage, shot by his 17-year-old daughter Bella, of his first official exit from his basement, where he'd been staying for nearly three weeks as he self-isolated.

"We had a huge day today in Casa Cuomo," Chris said, as he introduced the video, which also showed his elbow-bump reunion with his wife and kids, who he said were still a little "scared" to get too close.

"My wife. She was cleared by the CDC," Chris said in the video. "She doesn't have fever. She doesn't have the symptoms anymore."

The 49-year-old newsman added that just being out of the basement and back in the real world was his greatest goal.

"This is the dream. Just to be back up here doing normal things," he shared, later adding "This is a day I have dreamed about literally for weeks."

Despite being out of quarantine himself, Cuomo explained that he is likely to be in recovery from his symptoms -- both physical and mental -- for some time.

"This [experience] put me into a depression. I have never had anything like this in my life. It humbled me," Chris shared with fellow CNN anchor Dr. Sanjay Gupta. "I know people are dealing with so much worse, but for me, personally, I'm not that strong, and it really tore me up inside and out in terms of making me reassess things about myself and my life. It scared me, like some people, when they get a heart attack. I know this is nothing like a heart attack, but for me it was."

Recently, ET spoke with Cristina about her fight with coronavirus and how she and Chris handled self-isolating apart from one another while their children stepped up to care for themselves. See the video below to hear more.