Chris Evans Brings Buzz Lightyear to Life in New Trailer for 'Toy Story' Spinoff, 'Lightyear' 

Chris Evans is embodying an iconic Disney character in the trailer for the highly anticipated 'Toy Story' spinoff, 'Lightyear.'

Chris Evans is embodying an iconic Disney character -- Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear -- in the trailer for the highly anticipated spinoff, Lightyear. Evans voices Buzz in the trailer that dropped on Tuesday, for the film that hits theaters on June 17.

In the action-packed trailer, Buzz fights against a massive robot and other foes when he and his colleagues get marooned on a planet. Viewers are also introduced to his adorable and hilarious robot cat.

Evans posted the trailer on his Instagram, writing, "To infinity…💙🤯."

Buzz -- the action figure -- was voiced by Tim Allen in the popular Toy Story franchise. Director Angus MacLane talked to ET about Lightyear in October, which is the movie within the Toy Story universe that inspired the Buzz Lightyear action figure coveted by young Andy in the franchise's first film.

"It was meant to be this lampooning of a collection of sci-fi cliches in the original Toy Story as kind of a punchline, but as time went on at the studio, I just increasingly became really interested in what kind of movie that would look like," MacLane told ET. "Buzz is a character I've always been pretty interested in and connected to, since I started on Toy Story 2 as an animator, and I've always been kind of drawn to him. I've always been curious about Buzz's world, like, the world of the Space Rangers and the world of Star Command."

"If Andy saw a movie that got him excited about getting a Buzz Lightyear toy, what would that movie look like?" he continued. "And why don't we just make a movie like that?... Where the world was serious and not tongue in cheek, and not winking at the audience, just making kind of a straightforward sci-fi movie."

MacLane told ET that Evans was the "first and only choice" to voice Buzz.

"To me, the comedy comes from the character really believing, being really serious about it, but also knowing how to make that funny in that seriousness," he explained. "Chris had shown that in spades for Captain America."

"He's been such a joy to work with and such a partner in developing this alternate take on the character and really made it his own," he added. "It's been such a wonderful experience. So, I'm so happy he's exactly who you think he is. And he's really good at his job."