Chris Hemsworth Laughs Off Surfing Wipeout as a 'Disagreement With My Surfboard and a Rock’ (Exclusive)

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment

The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ star joked that he had a backup plan to continue playing Thor, should his injuries have been more serious.

Thor has his mighty hammer, and Chris Hemsworth has a surfboard. Well, sometimes.

The 34-year-old Aussie actor hit the red carpet at the Avengers: Infinity War premiere in Los Angeles on Monday, and joked with ET about the recent pics he posted to Instagram of a painful surfboard wipeout he took while vacationing on Vancouver Island in Canada last month.

“It wasn't as bad as it sounded. I was kind of playing it up a bit,” Hemsworth assured ET’s Kevin Frazier. “Just had a disagreement with my surfboard and a rock. It was fine though...It just kind of slowed me down for a minute, but I'm feeling good now.”

Hemsworth shared the painful-looking shots with a cheeky caption, writing, “Trying out a new move here, it’s called ‘get smashed in the back of the head by the lip and dusted along the reef.’ It’s so much fun, don’t try it.”

However, despite his wipeout, Hemsworth joked that he has no plans to slow down -- “I know the insurance companies will love me now” -- and even had a plan to carry on playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe should his injuries prove more serious.

“I was worried I was gonna have to, you know, cut my hand off and just stick the hammer into the stump,” he said with a laugh. “Which I'd do for this character.”

Infinity War promises to be the MCU’s most epic team-up yet, and with speculation swirling about which Avengers may or may not survive the battle against Josh Brolin’s galactic big bad, Thanos, Hemsworth admitted that the super-sized cast was simply taking time at the premiere to bask in the success of Marvel's first three phases of comic film adaptations.

“This was a combination of 18 films, 10 years, and so there's a very, there's a very emotional excitement here that I've never had before,” he said of the Marvel slate leading up to Infinity War, which began with the first Iron Man film, back in 2008. “And [there’s] a nostalgia feeling that we may never do this again, who knows. Just, sort of what we've all achieved, and the family we've become, it's fantastic.”

As for whether or not the Avengers will live to fight another day, or make another movie, Hemsworth said it’s out of his hands.

“I think most of us are standing there going, ‘Yeah, we'd love to,’ but it's up to other people, not us,” he noted.

See more on Infinity War in the video below. The Marvel epic hits theaters on Friday.