Chris Pratt Is Genuinely Stoked About a Possible 'Parks and Recreation' Reunion (Exclusive)

The beloved mockumentary show has only been off the air for three years, but fans are already clamoring for a return to Pawnee.

Chris Pratt would totally return to Pawnee.

The Parks and Recreation alum recently spoke to ET's Carly Steele on the red carpet at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday, where he was to receive this year's Generation Award for his noteworthy contributions to film and TV. When asked about the possibility of a return or a reboot of the series, which ran from 2009 to 2015, Pratt told ET he was all in.

"I hope so, yeah! I’ve heard rumors," Pratt said. "I’d be down. Let’s do it! Yeah, that’d be great!"

Pratt in large part owes his star status to his role as the hapless Andy Dwyer on the beloved mockumentary show, which details the hilarious goings on in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. His role on the show was originally supposed to be limited to six early episodes, but the series creators realized that he was just too funny and instead made him a regular star.

This doesn't mean the 38-year-old actor wants to be in charge of where the possible reboot might go.

"Oh god, if it was up to me I’d blow it," Pratt said. "I think it’s – that would be up to (co-creator) Mike Schur, and I know everybody involved would be eager and dying to get back together. It’d be a lot of fun, so, hey, give me a call. They know my number!"

The good news is, Amy Poehler, who played the very earnest public servant Leslie Knope, and Nick Offerman, who played Knope's hilariously anti-government (but lovable) boss, Ron Swanson, have signaled they're both on board. And so is Aubrey Plaza, who played the cynical but lovable April, who has said she misses Pratt, her on-screen husband.

For more with the Jurassic World star, watch the video below.