Chrissy Metz Says 'People Have Been Sleeping on Mandy Moore' Ahead of Golden Globe Noms (Exclusive)

Susan Kelechi Watson also talks to ET about the 'This Is Us' season three fall finale cliffhangers.

Chrissy Metz and Susan Kelechi Watson are spilling the tea on This Is Us season three.

The ladies of NBC's popular family drama came out to support women in Hollywood at The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment breakfast on Wednesday morning, where they spoke to ET's Nischelle Turner about the revelations from last week's jaw-dropping fall finale and what awaits the Pearsons following the shocking surprise that Jack's presumed dead younger brother, Nicky, was actually alive.

Metz told ET on the red carpet that the Pearsons will find out about Nicky's status "pretty soon" when the show returns in January for the remainder of its season. "But let me tell you something, people were up in arms like, 'What?! He's alive?! What the heck?!' They're so great with the twists."

"It's a wonderful, wonderful storyline and Michael [Angarano], who plays the young Nicky. Ugh, it's just wonderful to see that dynamic. You want to see how someone like Jack Pearson was shaped and what happened in his past to create the man that he is today. We're going to discover a lot more about that," she added. (Griffin Dunne was revealed to be the actor playing older Nicky.)

Another big development from the episode was the reveal of who "her" was: Rebecca. But Metz cautioned that while Beth may have provided the answer that the mysterious "her" was indeed Randall's adoptive mother, we don't actually know the state Rebecca is in.

"We don't know in what capacity we're speaking of 'her,' so when we find that out... you really will not be able to handle it," Metz coyly said, promising that that answer will be given sooner rather than later. "We're going to find out this season. You'll have a little resolution, you'll have a little closure, which I think is important but it's a story. You want to be taken on the journey."

Watson admitted she was surprised that Beth, who many thought was the "her" referenced, was the one to reveal who "her" was.

"I know, isn't that something? I was like, whaaaat? I read it and I was like, She gon' say it? Okayyy," Watson recalled. "It's ironic because I think people thought it was Beth for so long, but it's good that it's out there. I'm always happy when a big spoiler is out there because it's like, whew, one less secret we gotta keep. Now you know 'her' is Mandy and let's keep it moving!"

Metz also spoke about Kate and Toby expecting a baby boy, saying she was "very happy" that Kate has motherhood to look forward to.

"I was really happy because so much of Kate's impetus to want to start a family is to have her father live on and for it to be a boy was even more special. It's typical that most women want a girl first or want a girl, so I love that she was a little different in that she wanted a boy because of her father," the 38-year-old actress said. 

Watson also addressed worries that Beth and Randall may very well be split up in the future, especially given how things ended between the two following Randall's declaration that he was going to continue with his city councilman bid -- even after Beth told him she opposed his decision. 

"It's grown folks business now. We had to do what we had to do!" Watson, 37, said with a chuckle. "I've never put him on the couch before. This man has put his father in, he has quit his job, he has had breakdowns. One time I ask him to do something, I put him on the couch. I mean, come on!"

Watson zeroed in on Tess' heartfelt coming out speech when she told her parents that she may like girls.

"What I love is the way she was received. She was received with love and she wasn't judged and the conversation was left to be a conversation, and she could come back and be open for more," she said. "That, to me, was such a joyous thing to see and was played so beautifully by Eris [Baker], who plays Tess."

With the Golden Globe nominations mere hours away, Metz confessed she was crossing her fingers and toes for her TV mom, Mandy Moore, to get some much-deserved recognition come Thursday morning. Moore was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2017.

"I feel like people have been sleeping on Mandy Moore, so I get a little territorial 'cause this woman spans six decades. People don't understand the work, the nuanced performance. I think it's great to be a part of the conversation and I hope that the show gets nominated because we're up against some stiff competition, especially with cable. The competition is stiff but it's always really fun to see what's going on."

This Is Us returns Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.