Christine Brown Reveals Which 'Sister Wives' Star Was 'Supportive From the Get-Go'

Christine revealed this week that fellow sister-wife Janelle has been " "supportive from the get-go."

Christine Brown spoke up about her continuing friendship with fellow Sister Wives star Janelle this week, revealing to People that Janelle was the only wife to remain supportive during Christine's divorce from their shared husband. 

"Janelle and I are really good friends," Christine said. "She's been supportive from the get-go."

Christine was in a 26-year plural marriage with her husband, Kody Brown, and his three other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn. She announced her divorce from Kody in November 2021 but told People this week that her marriage was strained long before that. 

"I needed more communication, more trust, and I realized we didn't really have a partnership," she said.

Her relationship with the wives was also further differentiated after the divorce. 

"I hadn't been that close to Robyn, I hadn't been that close to Meri, for years. As soon as I told everybody, [Janelle] was the only person who talked to me afterwards. I didn't even talk to Robyn or Meri after that. The next time I talked to them was Isabelle's graduation party and then when I told them I was moving, that's the only contact I've had with them."

After the divorce, Christine launched her solo digital series, Cooking with Just Christine on TLC this February. Season two returns in September. 

"Janelle and I have stayed close through the whole thing," Christine said, who added that Janelle recently attended her 50th birthday party. "She's wonderful."

Last week, Christine also opened up about what she'd like her future relationships to look like. 

"I want a partnership. I want a guy who actually loves me and wants to be with me intimately," she said. "The attraction needs to be there. There needs to be a mutual chemistry. But I love the idea of a romantic relationship, eventually. Adventurous would be great. Someone who just wants to try new things because now I'm into trying new things all the time. I just want to have fun all the time."

While Christine isn't going to judge other polygamists, she isn't going back down that route herself. "I will be a monogamist from here on out," she declares. "Polygamy is not for me anymore. People can do it, it's fine. Live your life, but no, no, not me."