Christopher Walken Says Goodbye to His Wife in 'The Outlaws' Season 2 Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

The new season of the British comedy drops Friday on Prime Video.

Christopher Walken is having some regrets. The six-episode second season of the British comedy, The Outlaws, drops Friday on Prime Video, and only ET has an exclusive sneak peek from the new episodes.

The series follows a disparate group of lawbreakers thrown together to complete a community service sentence. Seven strangers from different walks of life are forced to work together to renovate a derelict community center. Season 2 picks up a few months after the climactic end of season 1, with the outlaws still having time to serve on their sentences, but quickly realizing the criminal underworld isn’t done with them yet -- not by a long shot. The group of misfits’ shared past comes back to haunt them, in the shape of a terrifying London drug lord out for blood, The Dean.

In ET's exclusive clip, Walken's ex-conman, Frank, pays a visit to his dying wife at the hospital to say goodbye. During the conversation -- more like a one-sided conversation -- Frank reflects on all the ups and downs they've been through the last several days and acknowledges he hadn't been an ideal partner or father for most of it. And he tries to make amends for all the wrong decisions he's made, including not visiting sooner when he learned she was ill.

"Facing you meant facing me and I could never do that," he says. "I missed my chance to say 'sorry' when it mattered... I'm sorry you had to put up with all the lies and all the apologies, then more lies. I'm sorry for the things I did when I was here and for the things I didn't do when I wasn't. I'm sorry I didn't get to know our little girl earlier. You raised that little woman without me... I don't have a pot to piss in, all I have to show for my time on this earth is when I walked out on you. That's us, you and me."

But, as he nears the end of his speech, he asks her to remember when times were good before all the chaos began -- when they were simply enjoying life: "Remember the good times. We were king and queen of the dance floor; we were a head-turning couple." Watch the clip above.

The Outlaws stars Rhianne Barreto, Gamba Cole, Eleanor Tomlinson, Darren Boyd, Clare Perkins, Jessica Gunning, Stephen Merchant and Walken.

Season 2 of The Outlaws drops Friday, Aug. 5 on Prime Video.


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