CNCO Usher in New Era and Sound With 'Party, Humo y Alcohol' Music Video -- Watch

The four singers dropped their latest single off their upcoming album on Thursday.

CNCO is taking on a new look and style!

Following their first single as a quartet, "Toa La Noche," Zabdiel De Jesús, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón and Christopher Vélez dropped their latest song, "Party, Humo y Alcohol," on Thursday, along with its visually aesthetic music video.

Up against a black backdrop and rocking high fashion looks and on a lit up stage, the singers give off a total '80s glam vibe. CNCO is also accompanied by three stunning models, as the visual puts the spotlight on each members' personalities.

"Party, Humo y Alcohol," written by CNCO with Hv and Kairo La Sinfonia, describes "a woman who breaks free of a bad relationship and outdated expectations"

"Se puso pa’ ella y soltó el amor, ahora quiere bailar, party, humo y alcohol," the group croons, which translates to, "She focused on herself and let go of love. Now she wants to dance, party, smoke and [drink] alcohol."

Last year, when ET spoke with CNCO, they teased their new "sensual" sound and life as a four-piece after Joel Pimentel's departure.

"I think this transition helped us to find different areas that we didn't really experiment on musically. And also it gave us time to reflect and kind of just see, where do we want to go? How do we want to look? What do we want to give our fans? Or what are they asking for?" Camacho shared. "They've grown with us. So what's better than giving them an authentic and more of a mature version of CNCO?"

Adding how they're bringing a new flavor to their sound, he continued, "Once in the studio we recorded a lot of great songs that we are super happy for you guys to hear and sing as well…We've just been working and going crazy. Just enjoying life as we have it, making the best out of it, and growing in every kind of aspect that we can."

He also added that "Toa La Noche" was "an introduction, lyrical-wise," of their new sound, adding, "Because it's just been a little bit more grown, more mature. It's a little bit more sensual."

"It's a little spicy," Vélez quipped. See more in the video below.