Cobie Smulders Daydreams Her Way Into the '70s in Badass 'Stumptown' Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a first look from Wednesday's episode.

Dex Parios, 1970s super cop?

On Wednesday's episode of ABC's freshman drama, Stumptown, former Marine-turned-investigator Dex (Cobie Smulders) seeks out a mentorship from renowned private eye Artie Banks (Donal Logue) in an effort to become a certified P.I., and she has a unique way of manifesting the reality she's set for herself. 

In ET's exclusive sneak peek, Dex stands idly in front of a framed magazine cover of a detective magazine featuring Artie, arms crossed in front of a classic car, with the cover line, "Profile of an Icon," splashed across the bottom.

"Mr. Banks is on his way up," Artie's secretary says, slightly disinterested, as she continues to tap away on her typewriter.

As Dex waits for Artie, her mind starts to wander -- daydreaming her way into the '70s as she envisions an idyllic new reality where she and Artie are kickass partners starring in their own classic cop drama and taking down bad guys.

Dressed to the nines in '70s garb, Dex and Artie epically thwart a weapons heist, Dex throws a suspect over a fire escape and into the dumpster ("Thank god it's trash day." Wink.) and Artie successfully spoils a robbery at a bar ("Gents, why all the fuss?") with his fists. Even cooler? Dex and Artie expertly slide over their car as a building explodes behind them.

Too bad it's all in Dex's head. She comes back down to Earth moments later, when Artie huffs into his office, not even giving her a second of his time. 

"Hey, Mr. Banks?" Dex says, before Artie cuts her off: "Beat it!" Well, that didn't go as planned. Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek above to see what happens next.

At San Diego Comic-Con in July, Smulders spoke to ET about the freshman series, which is based on graphic novels.

"She's sassy but she's also a little bit of a mess. Her humor gets her through a lot of that stuff," Smulders told ET of her character. "Danger always seems to find her, and there will be a lot of action on the show, a lot of fights, a lot of driving. It's going to be pretty intense."

Stumptown airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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