'Cobra Kai': Inside Carrie Underwood's Cameo in Season 4 (Exclusive)

Carrie Underwood on Cobra Kai

The singer appears in the two-part season finale, performing a cover of Survivor's 'Moment of Truth.'

During Cobra Kai’s two-part season 4 finale, Carrie Underwood makes a surprise cameo. Not only that, but the singer kicks off the anticipated 51st All Valley Karate Tournament by covering Survivor’s “Moment of Truth,” the theme song from The Karate Kid. “I’m so honored to be here,” the former American Idol winner says, before cheekily adding, “I didn’t see a lot of karate growing up in Oklahoma, but you guys know I love to compete just like these wonderful young men and young women.” 

While speaking to ET’s Leanne Aguilera, co-creator Josh Heald reveals how they landed the country music superstar in the penultimate episode, “The Fall.” 

“We found out, when the show moved over to Netflix and there would be people tweeting about how much they loved the show, and Carrie Underwood was one of them,” Heald reveals, referring to the singer’s tweets from 2020. 

“It’s kinda awesome!” Underwood posted at the time.

“We’re all fans of her. And we had in the back of our minds there may be somewhat of an opportunity for her to be there,” Heald continues, explaining that they used the committee’s determination to up the ante for the 51st annual event as a way to bring her in. “We love the tournament and how they’re trying to put on a show just like us. So, Ron of the tournament board had this connection no one believed.” 

The co-creator adds, “When Carrie Underwood walked out there when we were filming, the crowd had no idea that she was gonna be there. So, the reaction was authentic… It was mayhem. One of the best days we ever had on set.” 


On the day season 4 premiered on Netflix, Underwood posted an image of herself in an Eagle Fang Karate jacket with the caption, “Tonight’s plans involve champagne and @CobraKaiSeries! I’m pretty sure @WilliamZabka stole this from wardrobe to give to me, but it’s being put to good use!”

Of course, fans had no idea she was on the show at that point. 

Later, Underwood did release a statement to the press about her time on set. “I grew up watching Daniel and Johnny, and I can’t believe I actually get to be a small part of the legacy that is the Karate Kid,” she shared. 

She added, “Once I discovered Cobra Kai a few years ago, it became one of my favorite shows! I had so much fun being on the set and singing such a classic song. I cannot wait to watch every new episode!”