Collin Gosselin Says He Plans to Enlist in the Military, Wants to Explore Acting (Exclusive)

The son of Jon and Kate Gosselin just turned 18 in May, along with five of his siblings.

Jon and Kate Gosselin's sextuplets just turned 18 this past May, and ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with their son, Collin Gosselin, about what he plans to do now that he's legally an adult. 

The former reality star shares that he is considering enlisting in the military around "May or April" of next year. He also says "college is definitely an option."

As for his other aspirations, Collin tells ET, "I'm actually interested in acting as well -- so maybe that down the road."

Collin is no stranger to the small screen. His family's TLC show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, ran for several seasons from 2007 to 2017, and was later called Kate Plus 8 after Kate's split from Jon. The sextuplets -- Collin, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Aaden and Joel -- along with their older twin sisters, Cara and Mady, were all on the show.

However, when it comes to watching reality television, Collin admits, "I actually don't watch reality TV at all. ...No, doesn't interest me."

Collin says what does interest him is going to the gym, car meets and reading books.

Collin Gosselin - .
Kevin Frazier sits down with Collin Gosselin for an exclusive ET interview. - Entertainment Tonight

At the moment, Collin is single, and when asked where he sees himself in five years, he tells ET, "Hopefully in the Marine Corps, exploring my interest in acting, and, you know, I do want to open my own business."

Collin says he's most interested in an e-commerce business. "It's all online digital and I'm interested in just the fact you can make your own schedule and be your own boss," he explains. "I love that."

In the meantime, Collin is busy living the life of a regular teenager. "I work just like everybody else. I go to school. I hang out with my friends," he shares. "You know, my life is great and I'm very fortunate for the life I have now."

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