Colton Underwood Has a Shocking New Haircut -- But Fans Don't Believe It's Real

The former Bachelor had his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, cut his hair, and the result is wild.

Colton Underwood has a new haircut.

The former Bachelor posted a video of his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, getting ready to give him a trim -- and the results were shocking! In the clip, Underwood -- who recently recovered from the coronavirus -- says that she's "scared of the trimmers" and that "this is not gonna go well for me." In a second photo, Underwood shows off his nearly-bald look.

"I let @cassierandolph cut my hair... safe to say she won this battle and I will be wearing a hat for awhile," he captioned the post. However, many fans were skeptical of the new 'do.

Randolph also commented on the post, writing, “Hahahaha" and jokingly adding, “Who else wants me to cut their hair?”

The reality star then took to Twitter to jokingly write, "I’m sad to say that @CassieRandolph and I have decided to take a break and separate after she did this to my hair."

While many didn't believe the haircut to be real, he also posted another photo of his almost-bald look, claiming he wasn't lying.

"For those of you saying it's fake. This is me today," he wrote next to a selfie. He also added that he would be "staying in my hat all day."

Instagram Story
Instagram Story

Last week, Underwood shared that he fully recovered after being diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as thanked Randolph and her family for taking care of him.

"I just want to take a second and thank this beautiful woman and her family for taking such good care of me. Not only physically, but mentally too (and I’m probably the most high maintenance patient)," Underwood wrote on Instagram. "She’s hardworking, passionate, understanding, kind and has the biggest heart."

ET also spoke with the 28-year-old star while he was in self isolation, where he shared what the scariest part of having the flu-like virus was.

"I think, for me, the scariest part is actually feeling yourself breathe. We take it for granted, but everyday we just breathe naturally and we don't think about breathing in and breathing out. I had to make sure every single breath counted," he explained. "I sort of had to re-teach myself how to breathe differently. It was the strangest feeling."

"I tried to put a brave face on just because Cass and her family [were around], and especially at that time, I didn't know if they were going to be getting it," he revealed. "I was scared for them. I was scared for myself. I think the scariest part was the unknown." 

See more of what he shared in the video below.