Colton Underwood Has a Surprising Message for Tia Booth After Their 'Bachelor in Paradise' Breakup


Tia Booth might not be so thrilled with Colton Underwood after their breakup, but the 26-year-old former NFL player has nothing but kind words for his ex. 

The two went their separate ways on Monday night's episode ofBachelor in Paradise, conveniently just one night before our next Bachelor is set to be announced on Good Morning America. A source previously told ET that producers had three men in the running, including Jason Tartick, Blake Horstmann and Colton. 

During their emotional split, a tearful Tia told Colton that he needed to take some time to "figure yourself out." The two then shared a lengthy hug and put an end to a romance six months in the making

After their breakup aired, Colton took to Instagram for one last goodbye message. "Thank you for teaching me even more about myself, and most importantly, for your friendship that I know will continue far beyond Paradise," he wrote. "Don’t settle for anything less than the world, because that’s what you deserve. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you and catch up on life some day, preferably over a hot dog dinner." 


Tia, meanwhile, might not have the fondest of memories from Paradise. "Y’all ever had a bad breakup with someone you wanted so bad? Ever had to watch it back on national television? #woof," she tweeted. 

During the Bachelor in Paradise reunion taping last week, Tia opened up about rumors that Colton might be our next Bachelor -- and didn't seem too excited by the idea. 

"I don't know that he's ready," she confessed. "I don't." 

"I mean, it was just about two months ago that I was telling him that he really needs to figure himself out before he can fully be with someone else," Tia said, adding that she's pulling for Jason instead. "If there's a chance that Colton is the Bachelor, I would hope that he is fully ready for that experience knowing that he wants to be engaged at the end of it."

Bachelor host Chris Harrison, meanwhile, recently told ET that he could see several benefits to Colton as the next franchise lead. 

"If he’s single, Colton would be a very interesting Bachelor. We look at a lot of things when picking the Bachelor, and good TV and good story is a lot of it. Colton has all that in spades," he said. "There’s the, 'Is he ready for this?' angle with Tia, and is that still hanging over him? Obviously, we’ll see how that plays out in Paradise."

"Then there’s the virgin angle. We have this guy who was brought to tears during "Men Tell All" about dealing with this. If he’s willing to put that on display as the Bachelor, I would find that fascinating in this day and age," Chris added. "The women having to deal with that -- I think it would be a fascinating story. And that’s a lot of what makes a good Bachelor. It’s a compelling argument if he’s single and willing to do it."

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more on the big Bachelor debate in the video below, and tell us your thoughts at ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here


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