Constance Wu Shares Which Three Actresses She Would Love to Work With on Next Film Sequel (Exclusive)

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Constance Wu wants to work with the very best.

"I love Sandra Oh's work. She's phenomenal," Wu told ET's Hallie Stephens, when asked who she’d love to work with on the sequel for Crazy Rich Asians. "I love Lucy Liu -- she's kind of an icon to me."

"Any of these Asian American women like, Margaret Cho, who have been pioneers in representation and have paved the way for movies like Crazy Rich Asians," she added. "I would love to get to work with people like that."

ET caught up with Wu at an event hosted by American Express in New York City, which celebrated their new Pay It, Plan It initiative. 

“I partnered with [American Express] because I think [this feature is] something I really could have used when I first started out in my career,” Wu, a brand ambassador for the company, explained. “It's a feature that gives you flexibility and control to manage your finances your own way."

The 36-year-old actress also shared that before her big break in Crazy Rich Asians she was waitressing in New York City for almost 10 years. “[It’s] like the old story of an actress... pounding the pavement, going to auditions every day and then waitressing at night to sort of help pay bills,” she shared.

“One time I waited on Oprah,” she continued. “And, I accidentally spilled her water. I was mortified. She was so cool. She hardly even noticed. But I was like, Oh my god.” Wu says that after that incident she’s seen Winfrey one other time, but hasn’t dared remind her of that moment.

“You think I'm gonna remind her that I spilled her water? I want to make a good impression, you know,” she said. “It's like my opportunity for a clean slate.”