Corey Bohan Responds to Audrina Patridge's Restraining Order as She Requests He Be Forced Out of Their Home

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Corey Bohan and Audrina Patridge's divorce saga continues. 

The estranged couple both filed court documents on Wednesday regarding their home and an alleged incident that occurred the day before, when Patridge and her father, Mark Patridge, returned to their Irvine, California, home to collect her belongings. 

In court documents obtained by ET, Patridge claims that Bohan is "holding all of my personal possessions and my home hostage," and that he cursed at her and installed cameras in their home, violating the temporary restraining order she has against him, which prohibits him from keeping her under surveillance. The former Hills star, who says she "fled" their home with daughter Kirra on Sept. 6 as a result of Bohan's alleged abusive behavior and has since been living at her parents' house, is petitioning the court to force Bohan to move out of their residence. 

The temporary restraining order Patridge was granted orders Bohan to stay at least 100 yards away from her work, home and vehicle, but the court previously denied her request for Bohan to move out of the home they shared. Patridge claims that she has owned the property since before her marriage to Bohan, and that their prenuptial agreement confirms that it is her property alone. 

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Bohan, meanwhile, claims that Patridge and her family showed up at the property on Wednesday "literally barging in the house through the garage door" with 15 minutes notice, when he requested they avoid conflict by setting up a time when he would not be there. The professional BMX dirt bike rider denies installing additional cameras in the house, claiming that they only have two -- one baby/nanny camera in the living room, and one by the entrance of the house -- which he says Patridge has known about for months. 

Bohan also denies cursing at Patridge, claiming that he only spoke to her father, Mark, while attempting to get the Patridge's to "calm down and leave." Bohan attached a photo of Mark with his filing, claiming that he was trying to instigate a fight and said "it's on" when leaving the residence.

Bohan -- who also claims that his estranged wife is "hijacking" his visitation with their 1-year-old daughter, Kirra, by calling Child Protective Service with "bogus allegations" against him and scheduling a hearing during his visitation time -- argues that Patridge cannot use her restraining order to evict him from their shared home, since the restraining order applies to her current home at her parents' residence, and the court already denied her request. 

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Patridge filed for divorce from Bohan earlier this month, after less than a year of marriage. 

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Reporting by Angelique Jackson.